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Dr S. J. Shaw10710128559129Nov 1999May 202222y 6mS. & J. Shaw
S. J. Shaw
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2603TERAS def. PRATT (Wrong Number)FirstAfter dismissing jolly, Starmer’s ordered to reveal what could lie behind dreadful Labour experiencebehind; anag. less RM; ref. ‘beergate’
2595FIFTY YEARSVHCUnorthodox openers in youthful Yorkshire eleven’s first innings race to another strikingly fast half-centuryanag. of first letters
2591GHATVHCWhat leads Ganges bathers towards water essentiallyG + middle letters, & lit.
2586BALDERDASHVHCForm of address lacking sense primarily, covered by ‘blah’ possiblyanag. less s in anag., & lit.
2584GIFT-WRAPPED (Cut & Paste)VHCIf initially thus disguised, garment’s covered with fancy paperIFTWRAPPEDG; if + first letters incl. w + anag., & lit.
2582ACHITOPHELVHCBetrayer of David, leader of party’s in awkward hole after Conservative basha C hit + p in anag.; ref. Cameron & Johnson, Downing St party, and 2 Sam.
2578VARIORU(M) (Letters Latent)Second‘Au revoir’, Europe initially expressed, then ordered a succession of changesanag. less E
2564CLEARINGVHCWhat might give forest this? Chopping fir tree logs can!comp. anag. & lit.
2556TOERAGVHCScrap of textile on hobo’s extremity originally expressing really abominable geezert + o + first letters, & lit.
2551SPAVIN (Spoonerisms)VHCWhat got Lillee fame? Primarily slinging projectile at victims batting!filly lame; first letters + in; ref. Dennis L.
2547FILATORYVHCThere could be no idle rotary shaft when spinning threads on thiscomp. anag. & lit.
2543CABRETTAFirstSkins of Argentine ruminant, processed with currying after being tanned initiallyanag. of outer and first letters, & lit.
2539TORSE (Printer’s Devilry)VHCDespite fighting regularly, our cat is cu/riously injured rarely 
2534BOTTLE-WASHERVHCHe engaged in endless below-stairs working, with little time for independencehe in anag. less s, with t for i, & lit.
2525PLACITUMVHCWhen less than half of America’s excited with Trump, and left replaces right, the result’s a legal decisionanag. incl. ica, with l for r
2521CHAMBERSVHCConsultation herein principally leads to answer’s meaning being etymologically ‘hollowed out rooms’first letters + r, s, & lit.
2517LITERATIMFirstWorking on ancient codex thus could give one identical Romanic textcomp. anag. & lit.
2512OSCITATEVHCIt’s intrinsic to act so, possibly with ennui’s onsetit in anag. + e, & lit.
2508CHARACTER (Misprints)VHCIn novel format, Archer embraces pretence to acquire literary parsonagepersonage; act in anag.; ref. Jeffrey A., The Old Vicarage, Grantchester
2504UPBEATVHCOpenings of public bars eagerly anticipated to occur after 2nd of July – that’s optimistic!u + first letters; ref. easing of COVID lockdown
2500ESPAGN(OLETTE STRENG)THENER (Half and Half)VHCAnger resolved with the pen’s what gets one more potent closureanag.; ref. ‘the pen is mightier ...’
2495BUNGVHCViral disease confines an indefinite number for present, with conditions attachedn in bug; ref. COVID-19 ‘lockdown’
2490DREAMSCAPEVHCWith this Dali could exhibit metamorphosis to replace Dadaismcomp. anag. & lit.; ref. Surrealism and ‘M. of Narcissus’
2482VOX POPVHCExpression of polling embodied by particular views of ordinary passers-by primarily when broadcastx in anag. of first letters, & lit.
2480STOCKING FILLERSFirstI reckon small gifts expressing the essence of Xmas can constitute theseanag. less ma, & lit.
2473INTERPLAYVHCFoul leads to remote inspection and penalty action between teamsanag. incl. r i; ref. VAR decision
2469GUDDLE (Spoonerisms)VHCScot’s good eating starters of delicious lemon pickle under tarts of Highland trouttickle underparts; first letters in gude
2464BRAINPOWERVHCWithout it, Britain starts to perform outside world education rankingsBr(it)ain + first letters, & lit.
2460TWEETVHCThe way eaglets express themselves initially!first letters & lit.
2456TRACTOR / TORMINAL (Overlaps)VHCWith griping pains, sick animal’s not a practical replacement for draft horse returning cartanag. less a; cart (rev.)
2447CONGENERVHCRené’s cognac, without some form of this, possesses merely hints of strength, colour and aromacomp. anag. incl. s, c, a, & lit.; ref. R. Briand
2443ERATHEM (Printer’s Devilry)VHCRelatively speaking, Zeus considered h/ost suitable for allianceref. Hera, wife and sister
2430CLERIHEWVHCWhimsical verse (not massive, irregular in format) composed about personage ultimatelycomp. anag. incl. e, & lit.
2428SHEPHERDSVHCLeaders in pastures hearing exultations and rewarded in outbuilding with first glimpse of Saviourfirst letters in shed + S, & lit.
2425EPILIMNIONVHCI’m located just below one on surface of lake engaged in swimming in openi + l + I’m in anag., & lit.
2421SPASMODICALVHCSuch throes, intermittently present, could develop from isolated crampscomp. anag. incl. t, r, e, & lit.
2417ALTARAGE / PROPOSAL (Right and Left)FirstSunday’s offerings get two answers arranged with a ‘Right & Left’ design, a line below favouring Chambersanag. incl. a, a, r, l: pro + pos + a l
2412UBIQUARIANVHCHeavy metal AC/DC number eclipses Queen song worldwideQu aria in U(ranium) bi n
2395PURITANISMVHCFramework of ideals adopted by prim aunt possibly?i, s in anag. & lit.
2386PENNY-A-LINERVHCHack not quite earning plenty with no end of textanag. less g, t, & lit.
2382STRIPE def. HARLOT (Wrong Number)VHCModifying Ford with this, as sign of velocity, might suggest fast pro drives!pro; comp. anag. incl. v, & lit; ref. go-faster stripes (qv)
2378PROPOSALVHCPlan to proceed with sin in novel format is ‘Indecent ——comp. anag. & lit.; ref. Jack Engelhard’s 1989 novel
2376SOW(PIASTRE)ENS (Christmas Pudding)SecondWandering star is seen welcoming three leaders from Orient with presentsfirst letters in anag.
2373CACOGASTRICSecondSuch persons may be disposed to gripe, so can act crosscomp. anag. & lit.
2364COMPOST HEAPThirdScraps of organic matter piled outside, feeding cultivated patchesfirst letters in anag., & lit.
2360VIDENDAVHCSuggestions of visiting iconic destinations before death, a bucket list perhaps?first letters + end, a
2347ASLEEPVHCHow a silent corpse, not having tics nor stirring, could mistakenly appearcomp. anag. & lit.
2338TRUMPThirdShould ultimate power go to his head, he could start provoking the Russians and upsetting Mexicoinitials with p moved up, & lit.
2334ALLELUIAHSecondResounding ‘Thank God!’ is one possible outcome should Left and EU hail change following Article 50a L + anag. incl. l; ref. Brexit
2330BRAZEN / MOPISH (Right and Left)VHC Support by Azed’s core number is unashamed whilst without entries this comp could be construed as dullbra + ze + n; anag. less first letters
2325MASONVHCOriginally medieval artisan sculpting symmetrically cut stonesfirst letters + on, & lit.
2324CELEBRATIONSVHCWhat Jesu essentially gives rise to when associated with improvised crib at Noelanag. incl. es, & lit.
2318TIMENOPENNY (TIMENOGUY) (Penny for the Guy)VHCA salt may be resolved to stop many a neat line getting tangled with a ——comp. anag. & lit.
2296IMPROPERLYSecondDoctor acting thus to get priority GMC panelcomp. anag. & lit.
2287VALETVHCA male servant may be disposed to earn money as thiscomp. anag. incl. m, & lit.
2274SIMPATICOVHCFrom roots in Grecian lingo this may translate to ‘of a common spirit’comp. anag. incl. n, o, & lit.
2272SNOWMOBILEVHCManoeuvring with skis, this may give Eskimo bliss on first sign of winter!comp. anag. incl. w, & lit.
2270FENESTRAVHCConstructing rooms with a —— could allow Romans to see farcomp. anag. & lit.
2265ESPRIT FORTVHCTerm for rationalist (French in origin) or embodied by rebellious priestt, F, or in anag., & lit.
2261GANGSTERLANDVHCWhere Judy from Oz, for example, might harbour criminal gentsanag. in Garland, & lit.; see Judy
2257BUST-UP / PIT-PAT (Right and Left)VHCDisturbance in chest excited heart of victim to keep it pathologically palpitatingbust up; hidden centrally
2250MILESTONE (with missing O) (Missing Letter)VHCObject numerically evaluated originally by Roman pen on start of trekpeon; miles + t + first letters; & lit.
2239ERADIATE (Spoonerisms)VHCWrongly eject strays to root out missing caninestrongly … rays; eradi(c)ate
2230GATES OF DEATHFirstThese part to reveal alternative fates, God above and devilish heat belowanag. + anag., & lit.
2226DOUBLE-PARKINGVHCPossible result of kerb being busy with loading upanag. & lit.
2222OBJECT LESSONVHCJesus’s noble act on cross can give us an —— ——comp. anag. & lit.
2220A twelve-letter ‘Christmas cracker’ (Christmas Cracker)VHCTip of nose in Rudolph’s headgear lights eastern worker in bay windowORIENTAL/LANTERNS; ORIEANTLERNS; n in antlers; ant in oriel
2205CUMBERSOMESecondShifting such loads and dropping nothing might give me broad musclescomp. anag. less 0, & lit.
2200BRINDISIVHCItalian song inciting drinking, principally circulated by regulars in bars and innsalternate letters + I, s, i, d (rev.), & lit.
2191PLUGVHCPiece of publicity and term for something packing lumenlu in p, g, & lit.
2187WESTVHCCyclically, sun heads for this whenever evening’s beginnings, t, w, e cycling, & lit.
2183SANGRAILVHCHoly Arthurian dish, initially leaving knight Sir Galahad bewilderedanag. less h, a, d, incl. n, & lit.
2170SAYONARAVHCExchange as heard in Nagoya, heading awayanag. less heading, & lit.
2168CENTURY (with missing C) (Missing Letter)VHCTop batsman’s sore perhaps when taking nothing from Courtney bowlingscore; anag. less 0; ref. C. Walsh, former WI fast bowler
2165OUT OF ORDERVHCWhen cashpoint’s like this it could be I can’t shopindicating anag. & lit.
2161FARRAGOFirstTerm for clutter encapsulated by jumbled contents of garage and loftr in anag. less outer letters, & lit.
2157MELODRAMATICVHCActress once wrestling with dilemma might create such scenescomp. anag. & lit.
2152STUFFED SHIRTVHCHe’s stiff and turgid, bumbling without signs of genuine importanceanag. less g, i, & lit.
2148ZOLLVEREINVHCOrganizing this way forerunner of Germany could create a levy lowering zonecomp. anag. incl. G, z, & lit.
2139DE RIGUEURFirstFashion guru’s term, Gallic in origin and required without questionanag. incl. u, g less q, & lit.
2131DIVES / MALIK (Right and Left)VHCOriginally Muslim aristocratic leader in Kashmir bars shabbily presented Dervishes if whirling without special order of sherifinitial letters & lit.; anag. less anag.; ref. Muslim mendicant order
2126DESPERATEFirstSmash US TV series heaped woe for such housewivescomp. anag. & lit.
2113PICAROONVHCSomeone pursuing organized piracy in the main (excluding Smee!)anag.less y + (s)o(me)on(e), & lit.
2109THICKETYVHCSuch a shaw’s deep brush could be ground packed with bushy ash treescomp. anag. & lit.
2100A STITCH IN TIMEVHCRepair that is ultimately economic before fashionable item unravelsanag. incl. c + in + anag., & lit.
2091SNIFTERSecondThis kind of shot constitutes one stiff drinkcomp. anag. & lit.
2087ROCKETVHCThis makes huge din when applying acceleration for start of orbitracket with o for a, & lit.
2074BENNETThirdNovel by Austen (made into films) reveals —— family maids to uscomp. anag. & lit.
2070MISTREATMENTVHCThis abuse of mongrel could reveal fearsome beast in muttcomp. anag. & lit.
2065DERMESTIDAEVHCThese coleopterans have varied diet on carpet, meal or seedscomp. anag. & lit.
2062APPLE-KNOCKERVHCThis crude hand could be cropper and knuckle-head abroadcomp. anag. & lit.
2049PARTY-POOPERVHCType of person poor at mixing, not animated so often!comp. anag. & lit.
2040EASTER (Printer’s Devilry)VHCThe Summer holiday’s com/mended at school 
2027THRENETICALFirstComposing such poems could show I lament the corpsecomp. anag. & lit.
2019OVERAWE / HENOTIC (Right and Left)VHCHave Egypt’s leaders, not in charge of peace process westward in view, a revolt to subdue?h, E + not i/c; hidden rev.
2000TWO THOUSANDThirdYes, setter with this number (Z) could make Azed-ers shout ‘Twenty tons!’comp. anag. incl. n, & lit.; Z = 2,000
1997FADOVHCSong and dance with origin in folk primarilyf + ado, & lit.
1962ANADEMVHC——’s role (a spiral ring) could be as Nero’s imperial garlandcomp. anag. & lit.
1960NGANA (3 defs + letter mixture) (Parcels)VHCSickly animal once signifying wasting disease of livestockLOSING ANAEMIC
1949PALFRENIERVHCPerson holding frisky foal, leaving ring, by loose rein?anag. less O + anag., all in per., & lit.
1923ELLIPTICVHCCertain pills we can mould to be … (answer)comp. anag. & lit.
1914VE(S)TAL (Letters Latent)VHCInitially virgin in ancient Rome and elsewhere subsequentlyv + et al., & lit.
1910BARPERSONVHCThis politically correct s/he could serve up beer or schnappscomp. anag. incl. PC, & lit.
1771PARTERREThirdRepertory theatres have ground storey – the ——comp. anag. & lit.
1766GEST (Printer’s Devilry)VHCFor man I cure of cut I clean (or a n/ick is needed) 
1511DEEP-SEATEDVHCUnderlying rate rises worry journalistspeed (rev.) + eat ed.
1500GIT (on board ship) (Ship of Fools)VHCNarrow boat docked quite carelesslyBARGITQUE; barg(e) + anag.

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  2573 HANDS-ON
  2569 BILBO
  2560 BOMBAST
  2532 POTLA(TSUGA)TCH (Presents Round the Tree)
  2486 BRUHAHA
  2451 CAPUT
  2403 SWALE (Spoonerisms)
  2343 RESTORE (Printer’s Devilry)
  2313 PERFECT
  2291 AVESTA (Printer’s Devilry)
  2283 BARGAIN
  2178 PARISON
  2174 CHARET (Printer’s Devilry)
  2144 INFERNO (Spoonerisms)
  2135 LOB
  2116 YULETIDE (with jumble of COMEDO) (Christmas Devilry)
  2096 TRICK
  2083 BEWITCH
  2036 AL CONTO
  1992 FOULARD
  1988 PERIQUE
  1984 ORWEL(L)IAN (Doublethink)
  1940 SCANT def. SNEAP (Wrong Number)
  1792 APPALOOSA / ESTAMINET (Right and Left)
  1762 DUDDERY
  1737 ANIMUS
  1502 RAPPEL
  1492 The year that Columbus discovered America (Anagram)
  1472 TORAN (Printer’s Devilry)

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