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1.  T. E. Sanders (Walsall): The reappearance of the sun before the first of April will bring back the swallows (anag. of sun ante A).

2.  W. T. Clift (Manchester): Upsetting effect of choppy North Sea on aunt! (anag. incl. N).

3.  J. H. Lewis (Belfast): Effect on aunt of becoming involved with a choppy North Sea (anag. incl. N).


C. Allen Baker (Wishaw): Effect of the North Sea on aunt: no wonder, with her head in and her feet out! (anag. incl. N).

Inst Lt J. Burton (Torpoint): The choppy Tunan sea? (anag., & lit. [see comments]).

F. A. Clark (Croydon): Twelve o’clock. and Aunt drinking deep—bound to be queasy (sea in n aunt; n = noon).

P. L. M. Day (Chertsey): Genus ipecacuanha nut senna—fiat mistura (anag.; L. make mixture).

Mrs M. Kidner (Seaford): A mixed dish of banana and suet would be this to a degree (anag. less BA).

Mrs D. M. Kissen (Lanark): Exciting food project: rations to be raised! (cryptic defs.).

Miss W. Lawson (Birmingham): 12 a.m.—Aunt swallows large quantity of salt water: 12.1 p.m.—Aunt wishes she hadn’t! (sea in n aunt; n = noon).

R. H. Lemon (Cheltenham): Nebraska, America: volcanic eruption promotes ill-feeling (Na US + anag. of Etna).

C. R. Malcolm (SW7): Quality of the North Sea, where Aunt is concerned (anag. incl. N, & lit.).

Mrs B. A. Mallett (Lowestoft): Aunt finds the North Sea internally upsetting (anag. incl. N).

D. Marsh-Smith (Rainhill): Some of the poison victims of Messalina use antidotes for relief (hidden; wife of Nero).

R. Postill (Jersey): Unpleasant result of crossing the North Sea with a lady from Taunton (anag. incl. N, (T)aunt(on).

N. Roles (SW20): To bite a water insect sounds horrible (‘gnaw sea ant’).

Miss N. Shooter (SE24): United States Navy eat an hors d’oeuvre, producing queasiness (anag. of USN eat an).

O. Carlton Smith (Potters Bar): Like the North Sea when aunt swallowed a large dose of it (anag. incl. N, & lit.).

J. E. Smith Wright (SW7): Use an antidote, if upset—something to make you sick. You don’t need to die in convulsions (anag. less anag. of to die).

Mrs Stevenson (Kilmacolm): Even a calm sea during aunt’s trip to the north might have a sickening effect (sea in N aunt).

Mrs H. Tarryer (Stoke Poges): Twelve pies mixed with suet will be a cause of sickness (anag. of anna (= 12 pies) suet).

W. H. J. Wheeler (Wembley): Following the direction. Aunt swallows salt water—producing the desired effect (sea in N aunt, & lit.).


Comments:—259 correct, and there would have been many more, had people known their Colonel Sapt [character in ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ by A. Hope] as well as they seem to know their Colonel Chinstrap! [character in radio comedy ‘It’s That Man Again’, see slip no. 54] Does Anthony Hope deserve such oblivion?
The choice between “brilliant-difficult” and “neat-straightforward” was particularly perplexing in judging this entry. One of the hard kind eventually prevailed, followed by the two best versions of the popular “aunt N Sea” idea. Hard clues are apt to have a “hit-or-miss” effect, and three attractive ones were regretfully excluded altogether as barely soluble; here they are: “Altogether disgusting remark of unreformed Scottish sluggard” (na use, ant!). “For immediate delivery—an Austin Ten; no money required: other terms to be arranged” [anag. less tin] (but definition part really too steep!). “How the great tunny seems to find O’Casey as Jonah!” (anag. tuna Sean). Incidentally, it was a pity that Mr O’Casey, a fairly regular competitor, did not seize upon this personal reason for entering this tIme!
“Hidden” clues which failed through loose wording:—“When sickening for scarlatina, use 35” (antipyrin): what is the “when” doing? “In sickening for scarlatina use antifebrin”: this has to mean “sickening in, or from, scarlatina use antifebrin,” and it can’t! The idea of both is good.
Inst. Lt. Burton would have had a prize, If there were such a sea as his: as it is, his pleasing clue shares the weakness of X’s rather indifferent one to “aunty”, which probably inspired it.

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