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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
55 Jul 1947NAUSEANT normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstT. E. SandersThe reappearance of the sun before the first of April will bring back the swallowsanag. of sun ante A
SecondW. T. CliftUpsetting effect of choppy North Sea on aunt!anag. incl. N
ThirdJ. H. LewisEffect on aunt of becoming involved with a choppy North Seaanag. incl. N
HCC. Allen BakerEffect of the North Sea on aunt: no wonder, with her head in and her feet out!anag. incl. N
HCInst Lt J. BurtonThe choppy Tunan sea?anag., & lit. [see comments]
HCF. A. ClarkTwelve o’clock. and Aunt drinking deep—bound to be queasysea in n aunt; n = noon
HCP. L. M. DayGenus ipecacuanha nut senna—fiat misturaanag.; L. make mixture
HCMrs M. KidnerA mixed dish of banana and suet would be this to a degreeanag. less BA
HCMrs D. M. KissenExciting food project: rations to be raised!cryptic defs.
HCMiss W. Lawson12 a.m.—Aunt swallows large quantity of salt water: 12.1 p.m.—Aunt wishes she hadn’t!sea in n aunt; n = noon
HCR. H. LemonNebraska, America: volcanic eruption promotes ill-feelingNa US + anag. of Etna
HCC. R. MalcolmQuality of the North Sea, where Aunt is concernedanag. incl. N, & lit.
HCMrs B. A. MallettAunt finds the North Sea internally upsettinganag. incl. N
HCD. Marsh-SmithSome of the poison victims of Messalina use antidotes for reliefhidden; wife of Nero
HCR. PostillUnpleasant result of crossing the North Sea with a lady from Tauntonanag. incl. N, (T)aunt(on
HCN. RolesTo bite a water insect sounds horrible‘gnaw sea ant’
HCMiss N. ShooterUnited States Navy eat an hors d’oeuvre, producing queasinessanag. of USN eat an
HCO. Carlton SmithLike the North Sea when aunt swallowed a large dose of itanag. incl. N, & lit.
HCJ. E. Smith WrightUse an antidote, if upset—something to make you sick. You don’t need to die in convulsionsanag. less anag. of to die
HCMrs StevensonEven a calm sea during aunt’s trip to the north might have a sickening effectsea in N aunt
HCMrs H. TarryerTwelve pies mixed with suet will be a cause of sicknessanag. of anna (= 12 pies) suet
HCW. H. J. WheelerFollowing the direction. Aunt swallows salt water—producing the desired effectsea in N aunt, & lit.

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