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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
271 Feb 1954TRIPLET normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstF. E. NewloveAnother Bedser might have been the answer, but there wasn’t one—and the tour is bound to suffertrip, let; ref. identical cricketing twins, Alec & Eric Bedser and 1954 test matches; E.B. was never selected for a test match
SecondS. B. GreenMight be taken for a little run—here’s the leashi.e triplet = little trip.; leash = set of 3
ThirdMrs L. JarmanA peril not normally envisaged while extending the Race of Mananag. in TT & lit.; triplet = cycle for 3
HCJ. McI. CruickshankThree gathered together is a small flock—in a word, an unsuccessful servicetrip2 (= flock), let; church, tennis
HCMiss B. J. DixTrippers in company suffer—the fleas that tease in the high Pyrenees, perhapstrip1 (n.), let, & example
HCE. C. DoubleThere’s unusual peril in the race, for three are in a space for twoanag. in TT; music
HCMrs N. FisherThe voyage to make an ancient stop “one of three”trip let2; ref. The Ancient Mariner, who stopped one of three wedding guests
HCA. L. FreemanThe three Rs, for instance, are what you want—skip Latin and Frenchtrip L et (Fr.)
HCRev A. D. HodgsonThree lines running, with suitably selected termini. Excursion service cancelledtrip let; rhyme
HCL. JohnsonMake a false step and suffer. A near thing to quad!trip let
HCM. F. KnottOne tern makes a very small flocki.e. triplet = very small trip2
HCR. H. LemonMother had two more like me—doesn’t sound much of a holiday!i.e. triplet = small trip
HCC. J. LoweOne out of three emerges from the peril involved in Man’s hazardous raceanag. in TT
HCC. J. MorseCheap excursion service cancelled for three lines with the same terminustrip, let
HCP. M. NeweyVoyage permit, reducing the time taken for the passage by a thirdtrip, let; music
HCR. PostillFault! …? Double? No, one more!trip + let (implied)
HCA. RobinsTravel permit for a person of German birth with two companionstrip, let; german = fully related
HCT. E. SandersWhat’s the flock of birds over the lake and coming from across the Channel? Only terntrip2 L et (Fr.)
HCMrs E. M. SimmondsStumble over half the Great Dane’s leashtrip + (Ham)let; leash = set of 3
HCJ. P. SmithCatch allowed? That makes the hat-trick!trip let
HCJ. B. SykesLack of lip control in extreme trumpet ranges results in trillinganag. in tr(ump)et: trilling = one of 3 triplets
HCMiss D. M. ThornGo lightly over an obstacle conveying a traytrip, let; tray2 = trey
HCM. WoolfPresumably a tiny flock of birds trillingi.e triplet = little trip2; trilling = one of 3 triplets

Runners-Up in competition 271:

C. Allen BakerR. M. GraceW. L. MironL. R. Smith
A. J. BarnardG. M. GwynnD. W. MurrayJ. E. Smith Wright
J. W. BatesD. HawsonD. A. NichollsG. J. St. J. Steadman
W. W. BrownRev K. E. HoodA. E. NorthJ. A. L. Sturrock
R. S. CaffynL. R. HuxtableK. A. OsbornGnr R. I. Sutherland
D. L. ClementsB. J. IliffeJ. W. ParrMiss D. W. Taylor
F. L. ConstableL. W. JenkinsonE. J. RackhamCapt C. Tyers
C. P. DearnleyD. G. JulianH. RaingerF. L. Usher
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonJ. Hardie KeirC. P. ReaMiss E. Wheatcroft
Mrs D. M. D’EathCapt M. Le FanuCapt W. H. W. RidleyW. F. Witton
W. EiteP. W. W. LeachJ. H. Scott-WilsonI. Young
L. E. EyresE. L. MellershE. O. Seymour 
A. B. GardnerT. W. MelluishMrs E. Shackleton 
C. E. GatesD. P. M. MichaelW. K. M. Slimmings