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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
382 Apr 1956ABSTAIN normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstF. E. NewlovePut a saint in a bath of Champagne and see if he does!St in a bain (Fr.), & lit.
SecondMrs E. M. SimmondsDon’t use your ballot-paper as a book-marka b stain
ThirdC. J. MorseYou’ll find Australia’s opening bats reformed at the wicket—it’s all to be very soberA + anag. + in
HCC. Allen BakerOnly half the bags brought up—it’s an outrage! Don’t tip the porter!ba(gs) (rev.) + anag.; porter ale
HCJ. A. BlairPut the opening of a bottle to shamea b + stain, & lit.
HCC. O. ButcherDon’t indulge first-of-ApriI disposition to make saint b—— wild (If Ximenes uses his head, he won’t).A + anag., 2 defs.; i.e. X in voting
HCR. N. ChignellDon’t drink absinthe not having the reserves withinTA in absin(the)
HCT. DaviesGet a book-mark—librarian’s request to readers who turn down the page cornersa b stain
HCJ. H. DingwallTar leads to defilement. Don’t touch it!AB + stain
HCF. E. DixonStay away? It can be arranged if you’ve an absitanag.
HCS. B. GreenNever drink absinthe without the inside being one-third tannedta(nned) in absin(the)
HCP. W. W. LeachFast intoxicating Paris favourite loosens and discards the—thanks for the interludeta in absin(the); fast3 vb.
HCA. F. LerrigoUnpalatable advice for the jolly Jack-tar, perhapsAB stain, & lit.
HCT. W. MelluishJack Spot’s spare counsel?AB stain; ref. Jack ‘Spot’ Comer, East End gangster cleared of stabbing charge
HCD. P. M. MichaelSailors ain’t sorry maybe to leave port!ABs + anag.
HCJ. J. MooreAustralia’s opening bats are shaky at the wicket: some sobering advice is neededA + anag. + in
HCR. PostillJack Spot investigation should give warning to those tempted to bear false witnessAB stain; ref. Jack ‘Spot’ Comer, East End gangster cleared of stabbing charge
HCMrs E. ShackletonRefrain from American religious number—“Ain’t misbehaving”!ABS + anag.; American Bible Society; ref. Fats Waller song
HCJ. B. SykesBachelor—about to be married to old Blanch? Don’t!AB + stain; AB = B. of Arts (US); stain = whiten (obs.)
HCD. H. TompsettWhat to do if you want to be no plumper!double mng.; plump, vb. = give all one’s votes
HCJ. S. YoungHave nothing to do with higher rating—it’s an outrage!AB + stain; rating = seaman

Runners-Up in competition 382:

J. P. H. AllonM. S. Y. FowlerMrs P. S. JuniperH. S. Tribe
P. C. BarclayMrs D. FullerG. M. NeighbourCapt C. Tyers
J. W. BatesC. E. GatesMiss M. J. PatrickF. L. Usher
E. A. BeaulahD. GoddenH. PerryJ. F. N. Wedge
R. S. CaffynH. J. GodwinMrs F. H. ShepherdT. G. Wellman
P. R. ClemowS. GoldieE. B. StevensH. F. C. Williams
R. M. S. CorkE. GomersallBrig R. F. E. StoneyS. E. Woods
J. P. DormanV. L. HarrisonF. B. StubbsFlt Lt N. D. Young
Brig W. E. DuncanMrs P. HeeksJ. A. L. Sturrock 
P. J. DyerMrs L. JarmanMiss D. W. Taylor 
Mrs N. FisherM. JonesJ. Thompson