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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
75 Apr 1948PETROLEUSES normal19


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstI. W. SeatonBlazers à la mode Parisienne?cryptic def.; ref. Paris uprising 1871
SecondL. E. ThomasThese dames took their flames to public housescryptic def. ref. Paris uprising 1871
ThirdE. A. C. BennettPlayed Byron’s “Sappho” on the Paris Halls? A favourite part, with all its advantagespet role uses; ref. ‘Don Juan’, “burning Sappho”
HCE. S. AinleyThey made illuminated public addresses (Paris, 1871; see Proust, Le —— retrouvé)anag. of see Proust Le; ref. ‘Le temps r.’
HCH. CarterSure to sleep? Disturbed by inflammatory Frenchwomen!anag.
HCBishop of Chester“Sleepers, out!” is the order when these ladies are involvedanag.
HCW. J. CouperUse port lees for Mrs. Molotov’s cocktailsanag.
HCA. FentonParisiennes presenting illuminated addresses disturb sleepers outanag.
HCH. C. HillsThey fired Paris with enthusiasm. (No wonder, when mother’s darling takes part, and uses make up!)pet role uses
HCI. G. MacGregorDid these fiery ladies really put their spirit to essential purposes?petrol, E-uses; ‘E’ petrol reserved for essential use under rationing
HCR. MacleodUse “E” and “S” petrol irregularly in illegal house heatersanag.; ‘E’ and ‘S’ petrol reserved for other uses under rationing
HCA. McIntyreDid they inspire “Lady into Fawkes,” and was their motto “Allumette, gentille allumette?”cryptic def.; ref. novel ‘Lady into Fox’ and song ‘Alouette’ ; allumette = match
HCA. P. O’LearyFIRE ladies! Turn out sleepers!anag.
HCG. PerryParisiennes burning with rage at gold turned over to the French customspet + or (rev.) + le + uses
HCG. H. PodmoreHe commonly uses the gas; it’s the women who light the firespetrol ’e uses
HCH. RaingerRouse (spelt with an e) hides Parisiennes of similar habitsanag. of Rouse, spelt, e; ref. Alfred A. Rouse, ‘blazing car’ murder 1930
HCD. TalbotFire belles? They will disturb the sleepers outanag.
HCP. H. TaylorOld women of spirit are sure to sleep fitfully!anag.
HCH. S. TribeThey’ve been turning out sleepers since the T.U.C. begananag.; ref. Paris uprising and Trade Union Act of 1871

Runners-Up in competition 75:

P. BarronC. C. M. GiffinA. A. MilneA. E. Smith
D. L. CarmichaelW. E. GreenW. L. MironRev A. Taylor
M. CasselD. HawsonR. H. MurphyA. H. Taylor
Rev B. ChapmanG. A. HornsbyF. E. NewloveL. W. Titman
P. M. CoombsMrs KissenJ. D. P. O’LearyT. R. Twallin
L. R. DewC. KoopR. M. PitbladoCapt C. Tyers
J. H. DingwallMrs LaingM. RackhamFM Earl Wavell
H. B. DrakeGnr P. A. LallyA. RobinsMiss Wyatt
Capt D. EllisC. M. McEwanT. E. Sanders 
A. R. FraserE. L. MellershMrs Simmonds 
G. O. GibbD. P. M. MichaelF. B. R. Smallman