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Mrs N. Jarman110172073115147Dec 1945Apr 1973
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
57MINARET (Printer’s Devilry)Bunter-whine starts with ja/w open: “Cease – condone – Wharton, please!”tarts, jam, twopence
Ximenes competitions
1140CALLOUSAlien to Ruth, like the corn2 mngs.; ruth = pity; Keats, “Nightingale”
817WYLIE-COATSSlips over Scottish briefs? The Law Society’s shattered!anag.
743CHEMISTI provide something you can rattle up and down in a boxM1 in chest, & lit.
686FEMALELike Eve—(“Me with only one ragged leaf to wiggle about in!”)anag. incl. me
490CLEAR def. WEIGH (Wrong Number)After a hundred real jerks, no portion of me is thickportion; C + anag.; soup
417SINECUREWhat could be nicer, with a good screw, and less use?i.e. anag. incl. use, & lit.; screw = wages
351LUSTRESuspender of pretty Victorian drops—that’s quite in order in a Toulouse-Lautrec!(Tou)l(ou)us(e Lau)tre(c)
219SOCIALISTDisliking “blue” performances, I give monologues from Winnie the Poohcryptic def.; i.e. I pooh-pooh Churchill’s speeches
202SPALPEENNaughty type of Limerickcryptic def.
167PARMESANRasp me freely, right up to an endanag. + an, & lit.
163LORICATEThe White Knight was making Alice giddy with burbled rot!anag.; ref. “Through the Looking-Glass”
145STEWARTI need checking about skirts, Mr. Gladstone admitted to the CanonSt. Ewart (i.e. W. E. Gladstone canonized); tartan skirts; ref. G.’s interest in ‘fallen women’
68ANTIGROPELOSMade to go round the Calf of Man! That got the P. and O. liner’s goatanag.
29RATANA limited company might be floated, with this reliable staffcryptic def.; i.e. ratans could make a flimsy raft
15ARRANGESDisposes of the angels of Mons finally, after a bishop’s lettersa RR anges
13IPOMAEAI’m in the trailer with half a gun, anti-aircraft, in the middle eastI + pom(-pom) + E in AA; trailing plant