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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
152 Feb 1975ENAMORADO / ESCLANDRE Right and Left24


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstR. J. PalmerHe’s flighty and a Romeo – this ill-repute getting read about could give a bird’s family great worryanag. & lit.; (re)e’s clan dre(ad)
SecondJ. W. BatesTo drop in rough scree is a bad thing, or a mad one – silly for one whose heart is set on a birdieland in anag.; anag.
ThirdD. H. CurzonVery friendly fellow, perhaps, or a dame? No love lost in making new Con. leader’s dubious reputationanag.; anag. minus 0
VHCT. E. BellA bad name? ‘What’s in a name?’ declares reckless Romeo, and a tragic lover is bornanag. incl. n; anag.
VHCRev C. M. BrounIn Montague’s clan, dreadful scandal occurs, and Romeo’s involved with a ‘foreign’ charmerhidden; anag.
VHCC. O. ButcherI’m an amorist, a Romeo and disposed to end up in endless secret intriguing or scandalanag.; land in anag. less t
VHCR. S. CaffynAnd Romeo, a profligate Don Juan, perhaps, encradles bastard – it’s a scandalanag.; anag.
VHCE. ChalkleyA lover once more pursuing Mrs Sharples – road all excited – Dear Len rather embarrassed about leading characters in Coronation Street mounting publicityEna mo + anag.; C S (rev.) in anag.; ref. TV series
VHCR. W. EllisonAny unpleasantness caused by frantic elders can upset Romeo and a loveranag.; anag.
VHCDr G. B. GreerWhat results from improper card signal finally seen? Italian bridge-player’s upset over fuss – he squeezes his partneranag. incl. l; Roman E (rev.) + ado; ref. recent world bridge championship
VHCA. HodgsonAnd Romeo – a determined suitor – brought into Montague’s clan dreadful scandalanag.; hidden
VHCR. E. KimmonsScandal in the Sharples clan: dreamboat lover for Mrs Sharples, who’s a game partyhidden; Ena mora do; who’s = who has; ref. ‘Coronation Street’
VHCA. D. LeggeThis gallant – a demon oar – involved namely in Leander’s undoing achieves notorietyanag.; sc. in anag.
VHCD. F. ManleyUnseemly episode with calender’s wild romantic creature – a man rode round berserkanag.; anag. incl. O; ref. John Gilpin
VHCD. P. M. MichaelA Don Juan (and a Romeo manqué) encradles bastard – scandal abroad!anag.; anag.
VHCC. G. MillinParamour’s object, love without a delay, clandestine (shut away) ruined a bird’s reputationa mora in end 0; anag. less tine3 + re; re = ree
VHCC. J. MorseRomeo and a mismatched sweetheart – some of Montague’s clan dreaded a scandalanag.; hidden
VHCL. G. D. SandersNotorious deed in Montague’s clan; dreadful disaster for Romeo and a loverhidden; anag.
VHCT. E. SandersShocking scene on screen – lady losing last bit of modesty and a Romeo moving about as one making loveanag. incl. lad(y); anag.; on = tipsy
VHCA. D. ScottCasanova (and a Romeo perhaps) was one scandal affected – one having got away before without any unpleasantnessanag.; anag. less a in ere
VHCW. K. M. SlimmingsLover has bad name for losing head – one and the same bad name got by sect having deserted in Gaelic uprisinganag. + (f)or a do.; clan d. in erse (rev.)
VHCD. H. SmithRomeo and a distraught paramour in Montague’s clan dread public exposureanag.; hidden
VHCF. B. StubbsPerhaps a don needs a dona – more frisky capering ends with clear cause for gossipanag.; anag.
VHCRev C. D. WestbrookLover, one like Catullus in poem, aspirant to wit learned carelessly about notorietya Roman in ode (all rev.); sc. in anag.; aspirant = mounting up

HCs in competition 152 awarded to:

R. B. AdcockD. M. DuckworthA. H. JonesMrs E. M. Phair
C. Allen BakerP. S. ElliottJ. R. KirbyB. A. Pike
G. AspinMiss L. EveleighCapt G. LanghamMiss I. M. Raab
A. G. BogieMrs W. FearonP. LloydE. W. Richart
J. M. BrownP. D. GaffeyS. M. MansellP. Rowley
A. R. ChandlerS. GoldieH. S. MasonDr W. I. D. Scott
C. A. ClarkeG. B. HigginsR. A. MostynT. A. J. Spencer
E. A. ClarkeM. HillD. S. NagleJ. C. P. Taylor
A. J. CrowW. HutchinsonF. E. NewloveB. C. Wilcox
R. DeanE. G. IllingworthF. R. PalmerD. C. Williamson
H. F. DixonW. JacksonR. F. Pardoe