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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
160 Feb 1951RASCAL Printer’s Devilry23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstG. G. LawranceIf the Government ration sex, T/ories will be a problem for the housewives!ref. food rationing
SecondF. G. IllingworthIf you can’t be a/ddressed by your wife, see the doctor! 
ThirdJ. Hardie KeirMark how fa/ded Kitty’s prints! 
HCMrs A. BoormanDizzy botanist studying flo/es, cliffs and falls 
HCMrs M. BrownSofa the need! Sex t/est? O weigh him!so fat he needs…
HCE. ClarkFew can be a/ddressed roughly without wincing 
HCD. H. S. CoxEvery true Welshman should be a/ lion on March 1st.scallion
HCJ. DuffillWe want some ex-T/ories in! Ration sin! (Sufficient for daily needs)ref. food rationing
HCL. E. EyresThere’s nought so dea/f, love, to a neat mammaneat = bovine
HCDr J. N. FellThe fall comes to the Fi/ends: to the Greeks, never!as calends; see Greek C. in Brewer’s
HCMiss R. LeS. FilleulWhy doesn’t cricket pro spe/culate?—Dreads wanton reporting 
HCRev D. FordFilm-star besieged by came/ls! Police to clear a way 
HCW. E. GreenActors appea/l. Boys shoutcall-boys
HCP. J. HigginsA good geyser will give you nothing harmful, nothing that is ba/d 
HCMrs A. M. OsmondYoung Woodley’s trouble could have been described as a spring fever o/f loveref. ‘Y. W.’, play by John Van Druten
HCA. P. O’LearyWhat a heavy little villain! Baby car ne/edlessref. Primo Carnera, boxer, reputedly weighed 17 lbs. at birth
HCA. J. C. SaundersWhen firing at sea, do you find the ai/m as at Bisley?ref. B. shooting range
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsNothing gies as guid heat—he/ed!—on Ian’s oil… heather as Caledonian soil
HCA. J. SouterIf Mr. Webb could provide, ex-T/ories would increaseref. Maurice W., Minister of Food 1950/51
HCL. E. ThomasA sign o/f wit? Has he enlivened men’s fancies?signora’s calf with a sheen
HCMrs J. E. TownsendOpe/l for good production! This car men proved to be first classCarmen
HCL. C. TudorGerman Ope/l for loud performance. British Singer for sound qualityref. German & British cars
HCR. E. TuplingIndecorous E/ves were modestly hidden 

Runners-Up in competition 160:

F. G. AdamsG. G. CorderyG. A. HolmesR. Postill
E. S. AinleyCdr D. A. CraddockG. C. HowesJ. Potter
F. AllansonCdr H. H. L. DicksonW. IslipA. Rivlin
J. P. H. AllenMaj H. B. DrakeL. JohnsonMrs M. P. Roberts
L. J. AshP. J. DyerR. D. JonesN. Roles
S. AshworthR. FinlaysonJ. P. LloydR. V. H. Roseveare
T. H. AyreM. N. FranceLt Cdr W. G. MarshallP. W. Rundle
G. W. BainI. C. GilchristJ. I. MasonE. O. Seymour
Maj P. S. BainesS. GoldieM. B. McIlroyR. G. Tate
A. C. BeurleS. B. GreenG. M. MercerMiss I. M. I. Twells
G. BownessS. H. GroomH. C. MunningsE. Wainwright
E. W. BrazierJ. H. GrummittF. E. NewloveM. Warrick
R. W. H. BrunswickS. W. HardingW. B. O’HanlonG. H. Willett
J. CarltonP. A. HarrowJ. H. PadelJ. S. Young
A. N. ClarkR. H. HearnRev E. B. Peel 
W. T. CliftMrs L. M. H. HeathE. J. Percival