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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
255 Oct 1953SCUTTLE normal20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstW. K. M. SlimmingsWhere you may see All Blacks do in ebullient Celts. (Wales will be sunk if you do!)ut in anag., 2 defs.; do2 = ut1; wales = ship’s planks; ref. coal and NZ rugby tour 1953
SecondJ. W. BatesLet’s cut supplies just enough to settle this coal situationanag.; ref. threat of coal shortage
ThirdF. E. NewloveThe rent in Newcastle’s east end is raised when coal is in demandcut in (Newca)stle
HCDr S. H. AtkinsYou can get a quick run if you find the gap in the covers!2 mngs.
HCM. FreelandLet’s cut! Now shuffle! Hurry! This may bring a flush!anag.
HCD. J. FurleySink basket—that’s the place for black nuts3 mngs.; nuts = coals
HCS. GoldieTo hole in one is generally matter for getting lit-up—let’s cut capers!anag., 2 defs.; pause after ‘hole’
HCS. B. GreenNutty slack for me? Dash!2 mngs.; slack2 = coal dross
HCR. J. HallSINK may be clued: “Whence black liquor can be obtained on the Sabbath”S + cuttle1; i.e. sink = S + ink
HCP. J. HigginsThe way to hold a lizard? Take its tail!scuttle(r); “the striped lizard” in contemporary ed. of C.
HCL. JohnsonWretched slut, etc., often taken in hand for getting slackanag.; slack2 = coal dross
HCC. KoopAfter shuffling let’s cut—and pass quickly. What I hold has usually a black outlook!anag., 2 defs.
HCP. W. W. LeachFind a gap in the side, make a dash for it, and that’ll shut the All Blacks up!3 mngs.; ref. NZ rugby tour 1953 and coal
HCC. J. MorseA gaping hole in the rear of the forecastlecut in (foreca)stle, & lit.
HCE. R. PrenticeOpening in the covers for a quick run, made use of by Fender3 mngs.; fireplace; ref. Percy F., Surrey and England cricketer
HCE. W. RichartScoop over the bunker and do a hole in one3 mngs,
HCCapt W. H. W. RidleySink hole or run away which often gets filled up in winter4 mngs.
HCE. O. SeymourThe vessel’s complement is black, with, perhaps, the most villainous slack captain under the sunS + Cuttle; slack2 = coal dross; ref. Capt C. in ‘Dombey and Son’
HCJ. A. WatsonFind the gap in the covers: there’s a quick run there2 mngs.
HCM. WoolfWay to hold a tailless lizardscuttle(r); “the striped lizard” in contemporary ed. of C.

Runners-Up in competition 255:

E. S. AinleyH. H. ElliottA. R. M. HooperJ. E. Povey
M. AndersonJ. A. FinckenL. B. HutchingsMaj J. N. Purdon
B. AshtonM. B. FisherF. G. IllingworthE. J. Rackham
J. A. BlairMrs N. FisherMrs L. JarmanA. Robins
Rev B. ChapmanC. E. GatesVery Rev N. M. KennabyO. Carlton Smith
A. E. ClaytonMaj A. H. GilesJ. P. LloydMiss R. E. Speight
D. L. ClementsR. R. GreenfieldH. LyonL. T. Stokes
W. W. CoveG. M. GwynnB. J. McCannF. B. Stubbs
J. McI. CruickshankF. H. W. HawesE. L. MellershH. G. Tattersall
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonR. W. HawesT. W. MelluishMrs D. Winsor
E. G. DommenT. E. HendrieSgt L. W. G. OxleyI. Young