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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
338 Jun 1955SHE-ASS normal13


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs N. FisherSurely Mrs. Bennet’s an example of this brazenness needed for man-catchinghe in sass; ref. ‘Pride & Prejudice’
SecondW. EiteJob’s one in a thousand. Milk producer with two-thirds priority butter-making contenti.e. shea(ss); ref. Job 42:12 “a thousand female donkeys”
ThirdA. B. GardnerNot what you’d call a brainy girl, but just the type for Jack: dynamite wrapped in charm, there before the boat gets in!HE in SA + SS; jackass
HCC. Allen BakerOne feels a Colt with a cartridge of brass containing explosiveHE in sass
HCMrs G. BonsallHas chess disaster: check, out of it, fool’s mateanag. less ch.
HCJ. H. DingwallWhen a female’s the sort that produces a Colt, a man requires unusual boldness for an embracehe in sass
HCF. E. DixonShe may be taken for a ride—and may do the bumping off!cryptic def.
HCC. E. GatesOnce the companion of a Bobby in the South of France, she’s apparently ensnaring a copper in Italy!as3 in she’s; ref. R. L. Stevenson, ‘ Travels with a Donkey’
HCT. E. SandersA dam, maybe, that called for audacious action when breached with high explosiveHE in sass
HCMrs E. ShackletonHeroine (a dumb type), who though smitten couldn’t make a pass!cryptic def.; ref. Balaam’s ass, Numbers 22:28
HCMrs E. M. SimmondsDicky’s dam cheek—embracing something devastating!HE in sass; dicky2
HCF. B. StubbsBe still, wild seas, called Jenny—Jack’s my boysh! + anag.
HCH. S. TribeFirst in Steeplechasing, Haute Ecole and Summer Show? I think not!initial letters, & lit.

Runners-Up in competition 338:

J. W. BatesS. GoldieA. F. LerrigoE. G. Phillips
T. E. BellE. GomersallH. LyonW. K. M. Slimmings
H. BernardSurg Capt J. M. HayesA. W. MaddocksBrig R. F. E. Stoney
J. BrockM. L. HerridgeI. McGiveringFlt Lt N. D. Young
S. ClackMrs L. JarmanD. P. M. Michael 
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonC. KoopW. L. Miron 
A. S. G. FishG. G. LawranceC. J. Morse