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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
95 Jan 1949SPOONER normal20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstR. PostillThe Doctor might have described Reggie as a bit fat to play for Englandcryptic def.; a fit bat; ref. Reggie Spooner, Lancashire and England batsman, and Rev Dr W. A. S.
SecondM. A. VernonFond, foolish youth: he lit the heather all over the field!2 mngs.; hit the leather; ref. Reggie Spooner, Lancashire and England batsman
ThirdA. E. ClaytonRed rose champion, R.H.S.—Many a stand featured his displaycryptic def.; ref. Reggie H. Spooner, Lancashire and England batsman, and Royal Hort. Soc.
HCE. S. AinleyIn his own way, a misser of busses?cryptic def.; busser of misses
HCM. AndersonWho upset Peron so? The man responsible for our rude fashionsanag.; food rations; ref. 1949 meat ration reduction resulting from Royal Family’s refusal to meet Eva Peron
HCMaj P. S. BainesSelf-styled master of queue knowledge? He appears to exert a playful shove!2 mngs.; master, not capitalised = Warden; S. was Warden of New College 1903-24; spoon = shove
HCMrs F. Castle-KnightPerson sloppy about love0 in anag. and lit.
HCH. C. HillsThe president’s in before the famous Lancastrian! He looks certain to knock up a dollyP in sooner, 2 defs.; ref. Reggie Spooner, Lancashire and England batsman; dolly = easy catch
HCJ. G. HullWas initially the initial sound swapper of queue knowledgecryptic def.; W. A. Spooner, New College
HCL. W. JenkinsonBatsman begins to loft the ball and it ends in the next countyspoon + ER (East Riding); ref. Reggie Spooner, Lancashire and England batsman
HCC. KoopI might say Kew knowledge made me famous—for frizzy daisies!cryptic def.; New College; dizzy phrases
HCMrs J. H. C. LawlorMight one say that this furtive snooper was a watcher of birds?anag.; botcher of words
HCT. W. MelluishShover who might have attributed his pre-eminent position to queue knowledge2 mngs.; spoon = shove; New College
HCA. P. O’LearyLover with claims to coo knowledge but not maudlin!2 mngs.; New College, not Magdalen
HCRev E. B. PeelDid I see my namesake dripped in the slops when sweating in a batter?cryptic def.; dropped in slips, batting in sweater; ref. Reggie Spooner, Lancashire and England batsman
HCH. C. PilleyA club lead finds East with the King. He changes the leadspoon + E + R
HCH. RaingerNo issue—Roneo out of order, kept transposing letterssp + anag.
HCL. E. ThomasVariety of snooper who might have described himself as a bird watcheranag.; word botcher
HCL. C. WrightSeen if one goes to the Circle among the maudlin pairsO one in anag. of prs. and lit.; Circle, maudlin (Magdalen), Oxford refs.; maudlin pairs = lovers
HCJ. S. YoungWas initially Minister of Transport in a manner of speakingcryptic def.; Rev W. A. Spooner

Runners-Up in competition 95:

R. H. AllenH. P. ChubbN. HaycraftW. Rennie
Dr S. H. AtkinsD. L. L. ClarkeMrs JarmanMrs Simmonds
C. Allen BakerJ. M. DoultonG. G. LawranceO. Carlton Smith
Miss BehrendtL. E. EyresG. R. LongJ. Thompson
E. J. BellMrs FisherBrig J. C. MartinCapt C. Tyers
Mrs BillinghamC. E. GatesG. Perry 
Rev L. BlackburnB. GrierE. G. Phillips 
Mrs CaithnessS. W. HardingJ. A. Plowman