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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
96 Feb 1949INTERLOCK normal27


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs B. A. MallettIf you want to get engaged, there are three occasions you have to shut up aboutter- in inlock
SecondMiss R. SpeightTuck the curl well down below—and use a good grip!i.e. inter lock2; interlock grip, golf
ThirdC. B. JoynerA trial for boat-race crews, perhaps because it gives them a stitchi.e. lock-to-lock; sewing-machine stitch
HCC. Allen BakerScarf—to knit securely: allow 50 plain in the middle and knit purl at both ends, then reverseL in core in anag. of knit (all rev.); 2 defs.; scarf2 vt.
HCD. AshcroftForm close alliance—to dispose of the deadlock?inter lock; dispose of the dead = inter
HCMaj P. S. BainesMarry! Pope’s advice to Lord Petre and Miss Arabella Fermor when separated?cryptic def.; ref. ‘Rape of the Lock’, written to allay quarrel
HCMrs F. BeggComposition of clinker to prevent ladders slipping—especially those of painters!anag.; ladder-resistant hosiery; i.e. inter ‘locked’ in painters
HCE. J. ColmanMisfit? No, but yields one trick—50anag. incl. L; ref. bridge
HCP. M. CoombsKnit two together. To make up: link ends in crochetanag. of link, cro(ch)et
HCH. C. HillsSexton’s work, on the hair clue, gets Tinker and the colonel entangled in a close grapple!inter + lock, anag. of Tinker Col.; s. = one who inters, l. = clew of hair & ref. S. Blake
HCH. J. HowellsFoundation material requiring well-mixed clinker to hold together firmlyanag.; foundation = underwear
HCMrs L. JarmanHow to make popular small-part pictures: introduce a body into plot, close-upinter + lock; plot = grave; ref. jigsaw puzzle
HCMiss M. JenkinsDovetail together, so as to let no trickle appearanag.
HCA. McIntyreHow to engage hands for a Cotton Club swing sessioncryptic def.; ref. interlock golf grip; Henry Cotton, golfer; NY jazz club
HCT. W. MelluishI’ll be put in a grave fix if you break the engagementi.e. gives inter + lock when split
HCR. M. PitbladoType of hose which gives no trickle when burst!anag.; ref. interlock hose stockings
HCG. W. PughSpread crushed clinker to obtain a good gripanag.; ref. interlock golf grip
HCW. O. RobertsonJoin Up! All the Unknown Warrior stands for is nullified in international deadlockinter(national dead)lock; Unknown W. represents the nation’s dead
HCO. Carlton SmithDispose of the deadlock and lovingly embraceinter lock; dispose of the dead = inter
HCJ. E. Smith WrightFit tightly, as otherwise disposed to crinkleanag.
HCW. C. TameSh! Leave the detective to piece things together; but he’ll need a bit of a hint(h)int + (Sh)erlock
HCA. H. TaylorStaple product of Bury—close woven fabricinter lock, 2 mngs., & lit.
HCMiss D. W. TaylorKnot tied, rice thrown (a pound in all)—embraceL in anag. of knot rice
HCW. H. WeightmanPlash with no trickle!anag. & lit.; plash = interlock, of branches, etc.
HCJ. B. WiddowsonThere is so close a fit here that no trickle can escapeanag.
HCR. J. WorrallThe 10.51 crashed into a rock. To prevent further accidents, co-ordinate movement of points and signalsanag. of ten LI rock
HCJ. S. YoungIn League Div. 1 Bury secure second placei.e. 1. inter + 2. lock

Runners-Up in competition 96:

E. S. AinleyC. EagleD. P. M. MichaelRev H. M. Springbett
P. BarronM. G. EllisF. E. NewloveJ. A. Stafford
P. M. BartleyMrs N. FisherA. I. OldakerR. G. Tate
Rev L. BlackburnC. E. GatesD. G. OwenC. M. Tatham
Capt F. B. BriggsS. GoldieC. L. PausP. H. Taylor
Maj H. L. CarterC. P. GrantA. L. R. PerryJ. Templeton
F. A. ClarkS. B. GreenE. G. PhillipsJ. Thompson
G. H. ClarkeRev G. K. HawesG. H. PodmoreL. W. Titman
D. L. ClementsN. HaycraftR. PostillD. R. Tivy
W. T. CliftCapt H. G. JacksonH. RaingerH. S. Tribe
F. S. DanksJ. KillickM. R. RidleyCapt C. Tyers
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonC. KoopJ. L. RuddleJ. Walton
J. H. DingwallR. H. KuttnerT. E. SandersE. Ward
F. E. DixonA. F. LerrigoE. O. SeymourR. Whittam
E. C. DoubleR. C. MacfarlaneMrs E. Shackleton 
J. DuffillC. R. MalcolmJ. H. Sleeman 
Brig W. E. DuncanE. L. MellershF. Smith