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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
114 Oct 1949TAPPIT-HEN normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstL. C. WrightChopin’s greater compatriot—originator of many Scottish reelschopin1 = Scottish measure containing about a quart; drunken reeling
SecondG. Stanhope-LovellOnly an average three-quarter; by no means the best winger capped for Scotland2 mngs.; contains 3 quarts and has lid; winger = bird
ThirdR. PostillLang drink wi’ a head on and no’ a cocktail!2 mngs.; has lid; cock’s crest
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonWhisky Galore. Begin with apt wreck; many confused types then followanag. + pi then; ref. 1949 film
HCBrig W. E. DuncanSpirited three quarter, Scottish, capped and a tough wing2 mngs.; contains 3 quarts and has lid; bird
HCC. E. GatesDiagnosis:—hip disease and ill-adjusted patten. Prescription:—aqua vitae ad lib.!anag.; p. = hoop used for hip disease; a.v. = spirits
HCJ. P. HancoxThe top layer must be combed, or your hatpin, pet, will not stay in placeanag.; layer = hen; comb = crest
HCD. HawsonBirdie at two successive holes and the cup’s yours!tap pit hen
HCH. C. HillsA far from violent blow, yet the mine-layer goes under! A vessel with a big draught too!tap pit hen (layer)
HCT. W. MelluishHexa-pint pot with hepta-pint capacity!anag.
HCL. I. MilnePa, the pint seems to have turned into about sixanag.
HCG. M. NeighbourCurtail the drink allowance and you’ll get a strike at the pithead without notice!tap + pithe(ad) (+ n)
HCA. P. O’LearyDraw mine, Jenny; a bumpertap pit hen; b. = full glass, etc.
HCT. E. SandersWhen there’s a bit of a blow forward a mine-layer is very draughty, stout vessel though she may betap pit hen (layer); pun on draught
HCE. W. StartupStrike on the mine-layer! They’ll lose their grog issue in that vesseltap pit hen (layer)
HCT. R. TearPatent hip-fitting large-capacity flaskanag.
HCD. L. TuckettWhere there are spirits on tap—a drop of Hennessey too! And it’s good measure you get!tap pit Hen(nessey); mine goblins; brand of cognac
HCCapt C. TyersNip round the back to the tap, and get a good supply of beer, will you?tap + the in nip (rev.); N.B. use of “back” for “down” word not recommended
HCJ. A. WatsonDangerous old-time Scottish three-quarter, with powerful kick. Generally drunk, yet always good for 6 pts.cryptic def.; contains 3 quarts; pints, points
HCSqn Ldr G. WrightA skinful? About three quarts of Scotch topped with a little Hennesseytappit (= crested) + Hen(nessey); brand of cognac
HCJ. S. YoungTwo holes in one followed by a birdie! Drinks all roundtap pit hen

Runners-Up in competition 114:

E. S. AinleyI. C. GilchristD. P. M. MichaelW. K. M. Slimmings
Maj P. S. BainesS. GoldieF. E. NewloveA. E. Smith
F. A. ClarkS. B. GreenA. C. NorfolkL. R. Smith
F. L. ConstableMrs D. HaycraftR. O’DonoghueO. Carlton Smith
W. DarbyC. H. HudsonRev E. B. PeelL. E. Thomas
F. E. DixonJ. G. HullH. C. PilleyH. T. R. Twyford
E. C. DoubleR. P. IrvingH. RaingerG. W. Wagstaff
G. D. DunlopMrs L. JarmanH. Ingram ReesW. R. Watson-Smyth
Mrs N. FisherJ. P. LloydA. RobinsJ. B. Widdowson
H. W. FlewettR. LumleyCapt W. E. Ronnfeldt 
R. E. FoleyMrs E. MellershMrs E. Shackleton