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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
18 Feb 1946LAMIA normal20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. F. Wailing“ ‘I have no friends,’ said ——, ‘no, not one’ ”; but she had, a French onel’ami a; ref. Keats, L., ii., 92
SecondCapt P. M. CoombsLa ami devient une fantôme: it’s bad French and first-class English about a witchanag., anag. of mal A1
ThirdLt R. H. LemonAnd if a man say —— negg, wilt thou give him a serpent? Yesi.e. ‘lay me an egg’; half-serpent in Greek myth; ref. Matt. 7:10
HCA. AbernethyLess than a thin coat will do for my Italian charmer out for bloodlami(n)a
HCF. W. BakewellHer children, by Jove, were stolen, and in revenge, d’you know, she became a child-eatercryptic def.; ‘Juno’, Greek myth
HCH. J. CapeThe phantom is of Greek and Roman mythology, though found in Islam, I admithidden
HCW. T. CliftAm I a witch after fifty? she hissedL + am I a
HCMiss J. FryClassic cause of anaemia in the youngcryptic def.; bloodsucker in Greek myth
HCC. E. GatesAfter fifty am I a witch?am I a after L
HCF. C. GearyMy Italian girl friend is a snake charmerla mia
HCP. A. HallThis is minced sneak, lady—a product of minced steaki.e. snake (anag. of sneak), Keats (anag. of steak)
HCE. L. HaywardWithout a hen’s tail even a fine layer could not raise her brood, by Jove!lamina less n
HCE. E. R. KilnerThe Wop who married a witch might so describe herla mia
HCMiss L. LaidlawAt weddings, did this cannibalistic monster put an end to the singing?(epitha)lamia; ref. Keats, L., ii., 262
HCJ. LaurieBlood-sucker more adequately dealt with by Keats than Keating’scryptic def.; ref. Keating’s Powder, insecticide
HCR. D. PriorFemale phantom: treat her with nitrogen, and you’ll find she’s only a sheet!lami(N)a
HCMiss B. G. TwellsMy Italian lady had a serpentine charmla mia
HCH. D. WakelyShowing the poisonous spirit that can creep in and make an end of nuptial rejoicings(epitha)lamia; ref. Keats, L., ii., 262
HCL. D. WakelyWitch who with a new spell can take out her eye and become a priesti.e. lamia less ‘i’ = lama; L. could take out her eyes
HCDr K. P. Whitehead50 + (9—1000 in confusion) when solved by KeatsL + anag. of Amami less M; no. 9 in puzzle was Amami

No Runners-Up in competition 18