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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
186 Feb 1952ASHMOLEAN normal20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstT. E. SandersA wood-pile if old is just the place to harbour the ant.ash mole an2; ant. = antiquities; mole5, pile2 = pier
SecondA. R. ReadDistracted male has no place to pursue serious studies at co-educational universityanag.
ThirdJ. C. B. DateThe hero of the Jacobites hid under a tree on top of an accumulation of old junk near Worcesterash + mole + an; molehill caused death of William III; Charles II hid in oak tree near W.; A. is near W. College, Oxford
HCJ. A. BlairNo sham relic is exhibited here: there’s just the place to browse inlea in anag. of no sham, & lit.; browse = feed on shoots of plants
HCR. R. GreenfieldA massive building with no end of antiques—don’t make a noise insidesh! in a mole + an(tiques), & lit.; mole5
HCC. T. HattenRefuse an underground worker an exhibition? Not at Cambridge!ash mole an; museum in Oxford
HCP. J. HigginsThe Ark contained only very old specimens. That’s what made Ham so confounded thin after the tripanag. of Ham so + lean; ref. Tradescant collection, from their residence the “Ark”, gifted to Ashmole, initiated the museum
HCMrs L. JarmanHas something different, beside being noted for casts; an outstanding collectionanag. + mole + an, & lit.; cast = moulded artefact, molehill
HCL. W. JenkinsonYou’ll see me lash wildly about the ring if I face the famous RandolphO in anag. of me lash + an2; ref. Randolph Hotel, opposite the A., and R. Turpin, boxer
HCC. J. LoweBroad hint to exhibition entrants—sliced ham on sale in Oxford!anag.; A. is in Broad St., Oxford; ref. food shortages
HCT. W. MelluishAlan’s Home for Disorderly Constituents should be visited at Oxfordanag.; ref. A. P. Herbert, MP for Oxford University, and ‘Misleading Cases’
HCD. P. M. MichaelNoah’s male issue provides new home for Ark collectionanag.; the Tradescant collection, from their residence the “Ark”, gifted to Ashmole, initiated the museum
HCC. J. MorsePossibly a manhole’s one of the best places for archaeological studyanag.
HCE. J. RackhamWherein you may see ham on sale, and other reminders of the pastanag.; ref. food shortages
HCD. W. ReedIn a quiet old mausoleum an excellent collection of curios may be founda sh! mole5 an
HCL. R. SmithWhere the curious loiter, as before a manhole being hacked up, in Oxfordas + anag.
HCJ. A. L. SturrockSpot the beginnings of a nest on the tree? Wren’s work, a scout could recognize itash + mole2 + a n; design of A. attributed to Wren; scout = Oxford college servant
HCF. L. Usher“Near to thee, Bacon,” Calverley might have said of this building; anyhow it has cut ham on sale!anag.; ref. C. S. Calverley, “Ode to Tobacco”, and W. Bacon, tobacconist formerly of Broad St., Oxford
HCJ. S. YoungThis collection includes ‘The Arundel Marbles,’ a Holmes mystery with an engaging endanag. of a Holmes + an
HCI. YoungThe little gentleman in black velvet with astrakhan fringes going round the museummole in as(trak)han; ref. Jacobite toast following death of William III, caused by molehill

Runners-Up in competition 186:

E. S. AinleyD. J. FurleyM. NewmanW. K. M. Slimmings
C. A. BakerC. E. GatesMrs A. M. OsmondF. B. Stubbs
Rev B. ChapmanRev J. G. GrahamMrs D. M. PittmanH. Thwaite
D. L. L. ClarkeR. J. HallR. PostillH. S. Tribe
Mrs D. M. D’EathS. HolgateM. G. Powell-DaviesG. H. Willett
W. M. EastherE. M. Furnival JonesE. R. Prentice 
Rev B. FoleyP. W. W. LeachA. Robins 
B. FreedmanF. E. NewloveN. Roles