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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
30 Aug 1946TWEEL normal19


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. T. YoungJean is north of the Bordercryptic def.; jean = twill; ref. Burns’s Jean of the western airt, Golden Treasury No. 155
SecondS. HolgateSpinning in Yorkshire? No; woven in Scotland‘t’ wheel’
ThirdMrs M. B. CaithnessEnglish tweed is cheaper in the end than this Scots stuffi.e. tweed = tweel with d for L
HCMiss D. BrowneStuff to make Colin all that was craved for him after tea‘t’ weel, ref. Golden Treasury No. 154
HCH. E. CanningsTike’s bike? No, Macduff’s stuff‘t’ wheel’
HCK. D. H. CattanachWhence the Dee came into the Tweed?i.e. tweed = tweel with D for L; rivers
HCF. A. ClarkTweed’s true name—simply Latin for its deltaL for D in tweed; river
HCE. W. EardleyMaybe we let the Scots weave thusanag.
HCDr W. H. HamiltonMultiply my tail by ten, I’m still Scots stream-weft fit for meni.e. tweel with D for L = Tweed; Roman numerals
HCMiss A. KeenThis well-finished cloth is Scots throughoutends with weel (= well)
HCC. R. MalcolmIf we let mixture occur, it may be heather mixtureanag.
HCA. P. O’LearyCricket? We eleven can do our stuff in the north!hidden
HCR. PostillWill this fabric be on sale? It will, shortly, in the Caledonian market, but there’s a catch in it’twill; ’t weel (= fish trap)
HCG. W. PughThis has a more expensive finish than the usual gent’s suitingL for d in tweed
HCJ. H. QuinceyTea, with the right kind of fare to suit a Scot‘t’ + weel; ref. Golden Treasury No. 150
HCD. I. RandellMethinks ’twill be better for a Sassenachcryptic def.; i.e. twill is Eng. version
HCA. E. SmithMade from the fleece of Mary’s pet wee lamb?hidden
HCJ. WatersIf ’twon’t be affirmative ’twon’t be material to Scot who says this isi.e. ’twon’t and ’twill, twill and tweel
HCE. F. WatlingOnce we let stuff over the border it well may look like this; in fact it willanag.; ’t weel, ’t will

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