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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
32 Sep 1946TEMERAIRE normal26


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstM. D. ColeAre met (Turner’s view) with anger in the fighting ——are met (rev.) + ire; ref. Turner painting
SecondMaj D. P. M. MichaelFighting French in name only, found in English art and English rimeanag. of E art E rime; ref. Turner painting and Newbolt poem ‘The Fighting T.’
ThirdJ. F. SmithFamous ship which was launched in one river and ended its voyage in anotherstarts with Teme, ends in Aire
HCA. E. BrookesOne of the painted Janescryptic def.; ref. ‘Jane’s Fighting Ships’, Turner painting
HCMrs M. B. CaithnessMet Turner by river painting shipmet (rev.) + er Aire; i.e. turn er
HCF. A. ClarkA trireme (English) fitted out as a French man-of-waranag. incl. E
HCD. L. Clements“And she’s going down the river, ——, ——” (Newbolt). Or perhaps with a river either side of her?i.e. Teme r Aire; ref. Newbolt poem ‘The Fighting T.’ [usually “... fading down the river”]
HCCapt D. EllisEach little trireme converted into a man-of-waranag. incl. ea
HCL. E. EyresH.M.S. Three RiversTeme R Aire
HCMaj A. H. GilesEach little trireme fitted out as a warship, fighting fit, makes a perfect pictureanag. of ea trireme; ref. Turner painting
HCS. B. GreenTo term Eire a belligerent might be distortedanag. of term Eire a; ref. ‘The Fighting T.’
HCS. HolgateFighting mix-up between a trireme and an E-boatanag. of a trireme E; ref. ‘The Fighting T.’
HCJ. Hardie KeirDid Nelson’s “reckless lady” meet her end in the Méditerranée? Possiblycomp. anag. with end; téméraire (Fr.) = reckless
HCMrs B. A. MallettSujet de Tourneur en lutte—mer, air et terre. Rash to use French!hidden; ref. ‘Tourneur’ (i.e. Turner) painting; téméraire (Fr.) = rash
HCG. H. McConnellOne of Jane’s lot makes bold to take the sea air in a bad season in Francemer air in anag. of été (Fr.); ref. ‘Jane’s Fighting Ships’; téméraire (Fr.) = bold
HCE. MendozaConjugate être, aimer for Mr. Turner’s French prizeanag.; ref. Turner painting
HCS. MumfordRather more than a trireme, towed to her last berth by Eremite R.A.anag. of a trireme (+e), anag.; ref. painting; Turner was reclusive
HCG. PageShe lives “in England’s song for ever” as one who made Eire tameranag.; ref. Newbolt poem ‘The Fighting T.’
HCR. PostillRobespierre had this rash, as a result of his initial bathe in English rivers?R(obespierre) in Teme, Aire; téméraire (Fr.) = rash
HCR. C. ReevesThe three-decker of Nelson’s day was little more than a trireme convertedanag. of a trireme (+e)
HCLord Russell of KillowenThough pugnacious, her picture was admirably produced by an Eremite R.A.anag.; ref. painting; Turner was reclusive
HCG. H. SavageTwo rivers set about a little one, and the result is, of course, fightingR in Teme, Aire; ‘The Fighting Temeraire’
HCR. E. StephensRash French disorders teem at my beginning, but I am seen in rare setting at my endanag. of teem, I in rare; ref. Turner painting; téméraire (Fr.) = rash
HCG. N. StewartRash guarantor of maritime security now gilt-edgedref. frame of Turner painting; téméraire = rash (Fr)
HCF. E. StocksThe artist, a natural Eremite, freely expresses himself in his subjectanag. of RA Eremite; ref. painting; Turner was reclusive
HCRev R. J. Whitaker“A painted ship, upon a painted Ocean?” No, the liquid in two riversr (liquid consonant) in Teme, Aire; ref. Coleridge, ‘Ancient Mariner’

No Runners-Up in competition 32