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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
35 Oct 1946RIFE DLM26


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstK. J. Harding“Common sense,” he fired back, “has no girth!” 
SecondT. W. MelluishFriend Withershins!” (manifest mirth!) 
ThirdR. PostillAnd, qua rotifer, ample in girth.” 
HCC. Allen BakerHe sighed “No. friends—too wide-spread in girth!” 
HCMiss ComynAnd, dear friend, too abundant in girth” 
HCL. P. CookAnd too plentiful, friend, in your girth.” 
HCP. M. CoombsAnd showed manifest grief at his girth 
HCA. B. DaleAnd too wide-spread if reckoned in girth.” 
HCE. DulacAnd, my friend, too abundant in girth.” 
HCE. F. EdwardsTry abundant fried eels for its girth!” 
HCL. E. EyresMy old friend, and too ample of girth.” 
HCI. W. HeadrySo a well-supplied friend got his berth 
HCLt Col C. HordernThen merged grief in the prevalent mirth 
HCMiss G. M. E. JollyAnd too plentiful, friend, in your girth.” 
HCL. A. JonesToo wide-spread, dear friend, in your girth.” 
HCJ. E. C. JukesAnd, friend, too abounding in girth.” 
HCR. MacleodThen laughed, “No, friends; too ample in girth.” 
HCH. B. McCaskieTry refining its manifest girth.” 
HCF. E. NewloveFie! Reduce your abundant top-girth!” 
HCH. RaingerReduce, friend, its plentiful girth.” 
HCH. I. T. ReesAnd too widespread, my friend, in your girth.” 
HCJ. R. E. SaundersAnd too well-supplied, friend, with girth.” 
HCG. O. SmithRefine, sir, its plentiful girth.” 
HCCapt A. K. TrowerPray refine its too plentiful girth.” 
HCMiss I. M. I. TwellsEat abundant fried eels and halve girth.” 
HCW. H. J. WheelerAnd too plentiful, friend, in the girth!” 

No Runners-Up in competition 35