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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
42 Jan 1947HALLANSHAKER normal16


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstS. B. GreenThe solicitor’s firmcryptic def.; ‘sturdy beggar’ in C.
SecondT. E. SandersGet an agitator passage forward in an old tramphall + an + shaker
ThirdE. H. EvansSturdy vagrant needs wind-shield (cotter type) for front part of old cyclehallan for bone in bone-shaker; see cottar/cotter
HCF. M. BassanoAllah harkens to the importunate beggar, even if he turns away at firstAllah (rev.) + anag.
HCF. E. DixonA Scots solicitor employed in composing the L.N.E.R.’s halakahanag.
HCB. Donne-SmithThere’s an agitator behind this division in the House: the beggar’s tough, toohallan + shaker
HCMiss J. FryResolute agitator for the partition of Scotlandi.e. hallan shaker; resolute, n.
HCG. A. HornsbyWind-screen rattling? This beggar’s responsible for iti.e. hallan shaker
HCJ. I. Logan“The Pilgrim”—Scots’ version—as Rank shall hae it re-shotanag.
HCD. S. MilfordGive the loiterer a curt answer after dinner; it’s a beggar for certainhall + ans. + haker; hake = loiter, Webster
HCMrs M. G. PorterThe beggar’s an agitator—after the partition of Scotlandhallan shaker
HCR. PostillHallelujah! Beggar my neighbouradjacent word in contemporary ed. of C.
HCW. RennieReligious Mancunian dances under partition to keep out the cold. Poor beggar!hallan + Shaker
HCMrs A. L. StevensonIf he isn’t careful he’ll break the wind-screen, the obstinate old beggar!i.e. hallan shaker
HCMiss D. W. TaylorThe beggar hankers distractedly after Allah, but Allah has turned his backAllah (rev.) + anag.
HCW. H. J. WheelerHe who dances religiously behind a screen to keep out the cold must be a sturdy beggar!hallan + Shaker

No Runners-Up in competition 42