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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
41 Jan 1947ALTOGETHER normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstT. C. FitzpatrickLarghetto e rubato (tutti)anag.; musical terms
SecondD. L. L. ClarkeHe got confused, having to change outside, without a stitch onanag. in alter; “in the a.”
ThirdMiss J. FraserVariations in E: larghetto (for full orchestra?)anag.
HCP. Capon“Who shall we send to fetch her away…?” Jolson, obviouslyAl to get her; Al J.; ref. rhyme, ‘Nuts in May’
HCJ. DuffillIt’s entirely his G that bars the falsettist from joining the mixed trioG between alto and anag. of three
HCMrs D. D’EathQuite, or not quite a complete party, but don’t dress for it!al(l) + together; in the a.
HCM. E. FrancisUnanimous declaration at the betrothal of Victoria and Alberti.e. Al to get her
HCS. B. GreenMoral to get here? Think no more about it: it’s quite in order(mor)al to get her(e)
HCC. HelmeTo the nude, in this familiar form, no exception can be taken2 mngs.
HCM. L. HerzigLear got the storm in full floodanag.
HCS. J. HornerTutti, the Falsetto Horse on the air in the ruins of the great Hotelalto + G (gee) + ether, anag.
HCL. JohnsonIt’s exceptional to get hermits thus, you can quite seehidden, & lit.
HCP. S. KeyteIs this model state Chile?cryptic def.; i.e. ‘chilly’; “in the a.”
HCMrs KissenGet her in the queue after a mixed lot of fully fashioned!anag.+ get her; queue = tail
HCR. MacleodIn a quartet the second part is followed by the Air on the G string, tuttialto (second part in quartet) + G + ether
HCMrs D. ReidIn the change of gear the lot is stripped, absolutely!anag.
HCE. T. SimpsonJust the sort of voice to get her in the chorusalto + get her
HCO. Carlton SmithTutti: Air on G string con sordino, with seconds accompanimentalto (second part) + G + ether; con sordino = string muted
HCA. H. Taylor“Grand Garbo in Great Hotel!”—Entirely muddled somewhereanag.; ref. Greta G. 1932 film “Grand Hotel”
HCMiss TelferNon-suited in common lorecryptic def.; “in the a.”
HCCapt C. Tyers, RNGet her put on after the falsetto and the concert will be made completelyalto + get her
HCJ. J. WardProves the proposition “t.t. ergo hale” to be completely wronganag.

Runners-Up in competition 41:

C. Allen BakerR. P. CollettD. FurleyR. C. Reeves
J. BalfourM. W. DaviesW. A. GrayW. R. Watson Smyth
E. P. BarrettF. E. DixonC. R. Malcolm 
Mrs CheyneJ. M. DoultonR. J. Pocock