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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
329 Apr 1955HAMADRYAD normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. A. L. SturrockCreature of a wood in a Hardy novela mad in anag. & lit.; wood2 = mad; ref Thomas H. novel “The Woodlanders”
SecondJ. ThompsonBody found in trunk: Yard in a flap following furious chasing after gunmen.HA (Heavy Artillery) + mad + anag.
ThirdR. N. ChignellShe could have died in the middle of a hard Mayd. in anag., & lit.
HCDr S. H. AtkinsThis spirit died with Tree, so naturally the bombastic actor gets a dull little noticeham a dry ad.; ref. H. Beerbohm Tree, actor
HCJ. W. BatesOut of a hardy dam, she was a fair stayer in the Oaksanag.; ref. horse racing
HCBrig W. E. DuncanSerpent, Woman and Tree combined together to make Adam hardy!anag., 2 defs.
HCF. H. W. Hawes“Mary had a little ——” delete, revise to read “baboon”anag. incl. d.
HCL. JohnsonOne of those in the Oaks, deriving her constitution from a hardy damanag.; ref. horse racing
HCC. KoopI’d die if some feller destroyed my home (Mary’d had a sort of upset)anag.
HCD. P. M. MichaelMary’d had a complex—she’d had it when a feller came her way!anag.
HCC. J. MorseHardy’s varied characters include a wild female “woodlander”a mad in anag.; ref Thomas H. novel ‘The Woodlanders’
HCD. A. NichollsNot like Guinness to lead to a day with the staggers and the doctor in—must be the wood spirit!ham + Dr in anag.; w.s. = meths.; ref. Alec G., actor
HCR. PostillMysterious body found in trunk. Mummy had Yard baffledanag. incl. ma
HCE. R. PrenticeThe serpent that beguiled the hardy Adamanag.
HCA. RobinsBeing regarded as having died out with Tree, overacting gets a frigid notice and evokes hissesham a dry ad.; ref. H. Beerbohm Tree, actor
HCH. S. Tribe“The Green Goddess”—overacted: a barren advertisement for Lime Groveham a dry ad.; ref. 1930 film “The G. G.” and Lime Grove film studios
HCL. K. UptonDeclamatory acting now earns a very unsympathetic notice in the press; yet this was the genius of Treeham a dry ad.; ref. H. Beerbohm Tree, actor

Runners-Up in competition 329:

Maj P. S. BainesW. EiteS. B. GreenH. Perry
C. Allen BakerMrs W. FearonE. L. HillmanE. G. Phillips
T. E. BellJ. A. FinckenE. G. IllingworthG. W. Pugh
V. E. BrookeMrs J. O. FullerF. G. IllingworthMrs E. M. Simmonds
R. M. S. CorkC. E. GatesR. P. IrvingW. K. M. Slimmings
G. H. S. CrosbyMaj A. H. GilesMrs L. JarmanMrs A. L. Stevenson
C. R. DeanS. GoldieR. H. LemonD. G. Thomas
F. E. DixonR. M. GraceE. L. MellershJ. F. N. Wedge
Sgt J. DromeyJ. A. Maxtone GrahamW. L. Miron