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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1139 Mar 1994BENJAMIN normal 23


Competition 1139’s average clue lengths over 23 clues:

45 letters per clue (equal to the archive average, and equal to the average for 8-letter words)

9.3 words per clue (0.3 below the archive average, and 0.1 below the average for 8-letter words)


Longest clue (the 39th longest normal clue in the archive)

What’s like an Ulster summit, tackling the difficult situation that’s already divided Northern Ireland?

86 letters, 14 words, by R. Hesketh


Shortest clue (the 151st shortest normal clue in the archive)

Gum tree to stick in

16 letters, 5 words, by D. D. R. Sibbald


Competition 1139 has contributed 12 unique words to the clue archive:

J. R. Beresfordbunny
J. R. Beresfordchipped
N. C. Dexterfastened
F. R. Palmerhold-up
R. R. GreenfieldJacob
E. J. Burgemenswear
P. Cargillmina
F. R. Palmerout-dated
D. B. Crossperiod’s
P. F. HendersonUlster-related
D. H. TompsettWedgy
Mrs A. Boyeswintertime