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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1143 Apr 1994DEATH Printer’s Devilry 28


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Competition 1143’s average clue lengths over 28 clues:

41 letters per clue (4 below the archive average, and 1 below the average for Printer’s Devilry competitions)

8.7 words per clue (0.9 below the archive average, and 0.3 below the average for Printer’s Devilry competitions)


Longest clue (the 36th longest Printer’s Devilry clue in the archive)

To revive England’s fortunes selectors need a more inspired I/an Botham

59 letters, 11 words, by A. J. Wardrop


Shortest clues (the 56th shortest Printer’s Devilry clues in the archive)

Overworked stud may trot out a n/ay!

28 letters, 7 words, by T. J. Moorey


Guzzling mars bar’s ma/in tot, stout

28 letters, 6 words, by M. Barley


There, soften protest or stir a/unt

28 letters, 6 words, by Dr I. S. Fletcher


Competition 1143 has contributed 34 unique words to the clue archive:

P. W. Marlowalehouses
R. HeskethAscot’s
F. R. Palmerbanos
M. Barleybar’s
F. R. Palmerbathrooms
C. J. Morsebody-builder
Mrs J. Waldrenbriar
N. C. Dexterbutchers
S. L. Patonchilis
J. R. Tozercomplementary
H. R. SandersConsort’s
P. D. Hinchliffecookery
J. R. Tozercoulis
P. D. Hinchliffedislike
P. L. StoneEC’s
P. F. Bauchopfacetious
A. J. Wardropfortunes
C. Hobbsgaucho
M. BarleyGuzzling
N. C. Dexterinhuman
R. Heskethintimidating
B. Burtonlarge-size
R. R. Tylermain-sheet
N. C. Dextermums
H. R. Sandersoverexposure
T. J. MooreyOverworked
H. R. Sanderspeeling
A. J. Wardroprevive
P. D. Hinchliffeslimmers
J. R. Tozersprat
T. J. Mooreytrot
Mrs J. Waldrenvesta
M. Earlewell-developed
P. F. Hendersonwhinnying

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