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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
190 Nov 1975CASSANDRA normal 26


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Competition 190’s average clue lengths over 26 clues:

51 letters per clue (6 above the archive average, and 5 above the average for 9-letter words)

9.9 words per clue (0.3 above the archive average, and 0.3 above the average for 9-letter words)


Longest clue (the 8th longest normal clue in the archive)

First signs of co-operation as Smith, seeing African Nationalists, discusses Rhodesian aims? I see only a black future

97 letters, 18 words, by J. D. Moore


Shortest clues (the 1,095th shortest normal clues in the archive)

Suspect as canards my revelation

28 letters, 5 words, by G. A. Tomlinson


A ‘sans-card’, disestablished, Enoch?

28 letters, 4 words, by Lieut Col D. Macfie


Competition 190 has contributed 30 unique words to the clue archive:

F. B. Stubbsalarms
J. J. Goulstoneanticipate
L. MayApollo’s
R. D. Prioraugur
J. R. Kirbyauguring
H. S. MasonBeware
R. E. Kimmonsbrighter
J. D. Mooreco-operation
F. B. Stubbscountless
Mrs N. Jarmancredited
F. B. Stubbsdirectly
J. D. Moorediscusses
Lieut Col D. Macfiedisestablished
P. D. Gaffeydivination
A. J. Duncumearly-warning
Mrs N. Jarmanepics
E. Chalkleygloomily
J. D. MooreNationalists
F. B. Stubbsnegatived
Mrs W. Fearonprediction
E. Chalkleypredicts
D. F. Manleyracialists
L. Mayresisted
J. D. MooreRhodesian
R. E. Kimmonssandarac’s
Lieut Col D. Macfiesans-card
A. J. Duncumscans
L. Mayscepticism
F. B. Stubbssounded
Mrs N. JarmanWarner

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