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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
774 Mar 1987VICTORINE normal 23


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Competition 774’s average clue lengths over 23 clues:

35 letters per clue (10 below the archive average, and 11 below the average for 9-letter words)

8.0 words per clue (1.6 below the archive average, and 1.6 below the average for 9-letter words)


Longest clue (the 956th longest normal clue in the archive)

Might a variety of citron be entered here, in clapped-out attempt to win a prize?

64 letters, 15 words, by L. J. Davenport


Shortest clues (the 347th shortest normal clues in the archive)

Neckwear in civet or fox?

20 letters, 5 words, by N. C. Dexter


Peach – cover it in trifle

20 letters, 5 words, by M. S. Taylor & N. C. Johns


Competition 774 has contributed 13 unique words to the clue archive:

D. F. Manleyawry
R. J. Hooperchin
L. J. Davenportcitron
N. C. Dextercivet
D. F. Manleycivil
L. J. Davenportclapped-out
H. Freemanconserved
M. A. Macdonald-Coopercontrive
J. D. D. BlaikieJam’s
N. C. DexterNeckwear
P. D. Gaffeynitro
J. C. LeylandTrevi
R. J. Palmervair

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