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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2443 Apr 2019ERATHEM Printer’s Devilry23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. C. LanceIn Mozart’s op/inion, Figaro must outwit his master 
SecondD. K. ArnottIn Paris I was introduced to Gertrude Stein and her lov/ing waysHemingway’s
ThirdJ. R. TozerSo A. Pop/e addressed the subject of ‘Rape’ref. ‘The Rape of the Lock’
VHCM. BarleyEv/e of Brexit now here, is there consensus among MPs? 
VHCP. BartlamV/ain sleuth in Northumberland always cracks the caseref. TV series ‘Vera’
VHCJ. M. BrownUsually abstemious hunk might try be/anshoot 
VHCMrs S. Brown‘Like some Roman c/akes?’ women cry 
VHCA. G. ChamberlainAlmira and Fernando in love – this is first-hand – elop/eref. Handel, ‘Almira’
VHCN. ConnaughtonNice estate agent unsurprisingly sold your ivi/ed abode 
VHCMs L. DavisH/ate of arrogant and cruel Zeus was behind the attempt to dethrone himref. challenge to Z. by Hera, Poseidon and Athena
VHCH. FreemanAdultery and abuse are common, so a pop/e’s forgiving audience tension 
VHCJ. GrimesThat divine woman is h/ot, her figure awe-inspiring to mere mortalsHera
VHCD. HarrisIn Argos you’d find h/ost revered goddessHera
VHCR. J. HealdFor a crossword-setting pro, gramm/atically complex puzzle should be easily achievable 
VHCB. LoveringI’ve solved Azed’s latest and it end/ed clue with a misprint 
VHCJ. R. C. MichieIt’s acknowledged by many that Verdi often wrote to pop/es 
VHCT. RuddMiss Morse? V/ain character in ITV’s detective series might fit the billref. TV series ‘Vera’
VHCDr S. J. ShawRelatively speaking, Zeus considered h/ost suitable for allianceref. Hera, wife and sister
VHCP. A. StephensonSome women in gym may be le/an with toned muscles 
VHCJ. Vincent & Ms R. PorterBy freely applying temp/os tarty effects can be obtained by a maestro 
VHCP. P. VoogtFor a visit to the op/en, all wore tuxedos 
VHCA. WhittakerIf only Paris had shown h/ost respectref. Hera, the judgment of P.
VHCG. H. WillettA marital rival of h/is is the toast of the barref. Hera, Themis, goddess of Law

HCs in competition 2443 awarded to:

D. & N. AsplandDr I. S. FletcherRev Prebendary M. R. MetcalfP. Tharby
T. BlakesonS. C. FordK. MilanK. Thomas
Ms K. BoltonD. GriceC. G. MillinA. Vick
J. G. BoothM. HodgkinT. J. MooreyMrs A. M. Walden
T. C. BorlandJ. R. HowlettD. J. R. OgilvieL. Ward
C. J. BroughamT. JacobsR. J. PalmerA. J. Wardrop
M. CoatesMrs M. JanssenD. Price JonesR. J. Whale
T. CoventryP. JenkinsonW. RansomeA. Wilson
V. DixonM. Lloyd-JonesC. W. Reid DickK. & J. Wolff
W. DreverD. F. ManleyS. ReszetniakDr E. Young
C. M. EdmundsI. D. McDonaldD. P. Shenkin 
J. FaircloughP. McKennaI. Simpson