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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1762 Mar 2006DUDDERY normal25


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstT. C. BorlandSisters and their mother sniffily dictated what Cinders wore about the housei.e. congested pronunciation of ‘nunnery’
SecondC. M. EdmundsPartially infected udder yields, if red, material inflammatory to bovineshidden; ‘red rag to a bull’
ThirdC. A. ClarkeClouts ineffective bowler across the pond, no trace of balldud der(b)y
VHCT. AndersonTurnover of rubbish in yard secures acceptable livelihood for Steptoes?U in redd in yd (all rev.); ref. TV comedy ‘S. and Son’
VHCD. ArthurNot exactly dude’s formal clothing!anag. in dry, & lit.
VHCM. BarleyShop snappy dresser after clothing would enter only in extremis?’d in dude + last letters
VHCE. CrossWhere you’d find useless bowler, bit of brim missing?dud der(b)y, & lit.
VHCN. C. DexterWhere buyer wanting pair of breeches gets threepence out? That’s about right!r in anag. less br incl. 3 d’s, & lit.
VHCV. DixonUnsteady with age, but not old – rather welcoming university rags locally!doddery with U for o
VHCR. HeskethStew and last portion of roly-poly is what Bunter might havedudder + y; see bunter
VHCF. P. N. LakeUseless racing event – no book provided in Tatts!dud Der(b)y; tatt = rag
VHCD. F. Manley‘Rags’ dug in quite a few hours to keep Australia outday with udder for a; ref. Derek ‘Rags’ Randall’s marathon 1977 test innings
VHCJ. R. C. MichieHollow diplomacy embraces tit for tatudder in d, y
VHCC. G. MillinIn which smart dresser acquires the latest in second-hand linesd in dude + ry, & lit.
VHCT. J. MooreyTidying up needed for cabinet’s chump in tax habits looking shabby!redd (rev.) for t in duty; chump = end; ref. J. Prescott’s failure to pay council tax
VHCC. J. MorseDude wanders in without sympathy hereanag. in dry, & lit.
VHCC. OgilvieEndless pap included in lacklustre fashion collection (so ‘last year’)udde(r) in dry
VHCF. R. PalmerUnconventional dude’s formal clothing?anag. in dry, & lit.
VHCM. SandersonFormal clothing fussy dude found here? Yes and noanag. in dry
VHCN. G. ShippobothamCould be where bag lady shops – no pieces of luxury attireudder in (l a)dy, & lit.
VHCI. SimpsonWhat’s flogged here? Fuddy-duddy gear, regularlyanag. of alternate letters, & lit.
VHCJ. R. TozerYou won’t get new weeds here if acre’s dug in timeday with udder for a
VHCR. J. WhaleNew Boots and Panties unavailable here – Dury dead and not about to be reissuedanag. less a; ref. hit album by the late Ian Dury
VHCD. C. WilliamsonShoddy underwear could be programmed as —— on washercomp. anag. & lit.
VHCA. J. YoungThe confines of divinity have to accept ‘tit for tat’udder in d, y; ref. ‘an eye for an eye’

HCs in competition 1762 awarded to:

G. AldermanW. DreverP. LloydD. J. Short
D. & N. AsplandJ. FaircloughP. LongD. A. Simmons
J. R. BeresfordDr I. S. FletcherC. LovingT. Smith
L. W. BlottE. FurnivalM. A. Macdonald-CooperP. L. Stone
Mrs A. BoyesG. I. L. GraftonMrs J. MackieMrs A. Terrill
Rev Canon C. M. BrounMrs E. GreenawayN. MacSweeneyR. C. Teuton
E. J. BurgeR. R. GreenfieldW. F. MainC. W. Thomas
B. BurtonJ. GrimesP. W. MarlowD. H. Tompsett
C. J. & M. P. ButlerR. HaddockG. M. MayL. D. Urquhart
D. A. CampbellR. J. HealdP. MolinsMs S. Wallace
Mrs M. J. CansfieldC. & C. HintonR. A. NortonA. J. Wardrop
B. CheesmanB. HitmanR. J. PalmerP. O. G. White
D. C. ClenshawM. HodgkinJ. PearceG. H. Willett
N. ConnaughtonA. HodgsonD. Price JonesJ. Woodall
R. M. S. CorkMrs P. HoweW. RansomeDr E. Young
K. W. CrawfordMiss M. IrvineD. Sargent 
R. DeanJ. P. LesterS. & J. Shaw 
A. J. DornJ. C. LeylandD. P. Shenkin