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C. J. Morse5303560435278625Mar 1950Dec 2013
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
2168CENTURY (with missing C) (Missing Letter)Five sore backsides to physic grieve Matron – not you, Dr Busbyscore; last letters; ref. the Rev Dr Richard B., famous flogging headmaster of Westminster 1638-1693
2157MELODRAMATICOverstrained, semi-declamatory? Yes, that it could becomp. anag. & lit.
2000TWO THOUSANDOut now, Azed’s latest – hats off!anag. incl. d, & lit.
1836POSTHASTEStop getting tanned, abhor catching sun and treat heatspots immediatelyanag. + S in hate, anag.
1823KISSX in ‘billet-doux’ and the ilk is silenti.e. sign for kiss in love-letter, hidden
1719ANHELATIONHappiness starts with an H – a rough breathing to the likes of Hippocratesan H elation: ref. Greek ‘h’
1554PEARLWith this gem, is setting done? No, coral would add further lustre2 mngs.; coral anniversary = 35 years, lustre = 5 years; ref. AZ series
1519CARRY-ONWild love affair like this could give you coronaryanag. incl. 0, & lit.
1329PITHOSGreek character, liberal host – this could be his potpi + anag., anag., & lit.
1312REST-CUREWhat makes stressed better is sure cert coming unstuckanag.
1284STALE (3 defs. + sub. ind. of wrapping) (Parcels)Unique gift from God, centre of Christmas story, is housed in a stallSTA(BLES SING)LE; s + tale
1238ELASTIN (Printer’s Devilry)“As a non-worker,” the faithful drone, “does the Queen be/g favours?” 
1216CHAPERONTo accompany small children, adult individual, leader of school outingch. + A per(s)on, & lit.
1190DENARIUSPlautine piece, ten times as rude as in burlesqueanag.; d. = 10 asses
1130AGRESTALAce filly laps remainder of the fielda + rest in gal
857REDCAP / NICETY (Right and Left)Refuse to salute and he’ll reprimand you with half-ironic yet misplaced delicacyred4 cap; (iro)nic + anag.; ref. MP
666Any word; subsidiary indication omits an animal (Beasts)Having no sense of guilt some require lessonsre(morse)less; hidden
521ATTITUDINISEStrike poses a tricky test involving row between one small trade union and another oneI TU din I in a + anag. of test
482BODY-SNATCHERStiff collaring: that’s my trade – shows what can be done by starchanag.
452DISSENTERISMMitredness is wrong? That’s what it saysanag. & lit.; i.e. rejection of bishops
419RAMILLIESMarlborough’s second crusher in conclusive quartet of victoriesa mill in (victo)ries, & lit.
Ximenes competitions
1084ANGEL-FOODTen-bob coin row is all very old-fashioned: in America they’d swallow itangel food2 (= feud); ref. introduction of 50p coin in Oct 1969
1000THOUSANDUp-to-date product of X and C10 × 100; Ximenes, Chambers
808WAGONERMy style of driving’s old-fashioned—one wiggle, then wallop!wag + oner
634BEDSTEADTo lie still is not enough here; both sides of the sheet must be tucked inbe + s(hee)t in dead, & lit.
504LEAD-LINEHere’s this ice-bound water system—and the plumber has to let me down!lead line; lead = channel among ice, line = system
434CARTONContra-revolutionary hero who made the tumbril proceedanag., cart on, & lit.; ref. Sydney C., ‘A Tale of Two Cities’
273COUSINGeneral name for any sovereign or noble about me, as a monarch might put itus in coin, & lit; us = me (royal use)
265THERMAEGeysers rattle and knock about 3 a.m. (The heater blows up about noon)anag. of three am, m. (= noon) in anag.
235ASPHETERISMIn which the State’s end is to reorganise all mastership around itselfe in anag., & lit.
225TOUCHSTONESBasanites: a tribe of fools, said to use their bulls as stalking-horses!2 mngs; AYLI V:4:112, T. “uses his folly as a s.-h.”; cf. Psalm 22.12 “bulls of Bas(h)an” [see comments]
194KNOWLEDGE BOXIt takes skill to hit the coconutknowledge box2; coconut (19C sl.) = head
188Beware the Ides of March (Anagram)Show Cimber the deaf ear 
166RACHIDESYou can’t strip the skin from them without showing a sign of a sore backi.e. r. less hide = scar (rev.), & lit.
128AMMETER (Printer’s Devilry)A D/r. Inge vetoed the line, and repeated the errorAdam and Eve