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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1084 Nov 1969ANGEL-FOOD normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. J. MorseTen-bob coin row is all very old-fashioned: in America they’d swallow itangel food2 (= feud); ref. introduction of 50p coin in Oct 1969
SecondF. E. NewloveGâteau eaten by Pickwick at Bury? (Think of Gabriel Grub)angel food; ref. Pickwick ch. 16 (Angel Hotel), ch. 29 (G. G.)
ThirdR. PostillIt’s heavenly being on board, able to afford the fare from Americaangel food
VHCW. G. ArnottLos Angeles tart? Something similar—a mischievous creature with an attractive exteriorelf in an good; exterior, adj.; ‘City of Angels’
VHCC. Allen BakerDog flea on mongrel (a bit of chow, perhaps?)anag.
VHCN. Bickerdike10/- piece? Dispute as before: it’s very easy to mix upangel food2 (= feud); ref. introduction of 50p coin in Oct 1969
VHCA. BristowTransatlantic sweetie discovers rich victim on boardangel food
VHCJ. CrowtherIt’s sweet and floury and covers an awkward child in stickinesself in goo in and, & lit.
VHCN. C. DexterOne sufficient? Sure, if you’ve a slender little figure to be held inelf in an good (= sufficient), & lit.
VHCS. GoldieWhat would be delicacy to Dwight D. could make F. Delano go wildanag.; Eisenhower, Roosevelt
VHCD. V. HarryBacker for negro tumbling act—they eat it up on Broadwayangel + fo’ + do (rev.)
VHCR. N. HaygarthNorth (et al.) goofed badly, perhaps contributing to Boston tea-partyanag. incl. N; ref. Lord N., American War of Independence
VHCJ. P. H. HirstDog with no flea is unusual: look for whitish grubanag.
VHCJ. R. KirbyAn American sticky stuff, only a little being eaten before beginning to displeasean + elf in goo + d, & lit.
VHCA. LawrieGolfed on a broken down crummy course in the U.S.anag.; crummy, 2 mngs.
VHCMrs B. LewisNaughty Junior tucked into goo and tipsy cakeelf in anag.
VHCJ. C. LeylandRich cake American eats, possiblyangel food, & lit.; cake (arch. sl.) = fool
VHCMrs E. McFeeTry raising money in an historic tax to see what Boston tea-party could put downoof (rev.) in an geld
VHCT. N. Nesbitt“Flan de goo” when suitably cooked?anag. & lit.
VHCW. SpendleyMom’s baking: mischievous child gets in sticky mess and hangs aroundelf in goo in and
VHCBrig R. F. E. StoneyA sweet one eats at Boston tea-party?angel food, & lit.
VHCR. A. Wells10/- coin?—the early contention’s just puffangel food2 (= feud); ref. introduction of 50p coin in Oct 1969

HCs in competition 1084 awarded to:

F. D. H. AtkinsonG. P. GoddardL. F. LeasonMrs E. M. Simmonds
P. F. BauchopR. B. HarlingA. D. LeggeSir W. Slimmings
Dr J. G. BoothMrs E. J. HolmesDr R. MacGillivrayP. Smith
Rev C. M. BrounD. R. HopkinJ. D. H. MackintoshS. Sondheim
R. S. CaffynA. L. JefferyH. MacRaeJ. Sparrow
E. ChalkleyG. JohnstoneDr T. J. R. MaguireJ. B. Sweeting
Mrs M. P. CraineA. H. JonesD. P. M. MichaelD. J. Thorpe
A. J. CrowB. F. JonesD. G. C. MockridgeE. W. Webb
E. DaviesSir S. KayeH. B. MortonJ. F. N. Wedge
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonN. KemmerJ. L. MossRev C. D. Westbrook
G. H. Du BoulayD. G. LauenerR. G. RaeS. A. Wetherfield
C. G. FarmerJ. H. C. LeachL. G. D. SandersD. Williams
J. FrydeP. W. W. LeachE. O. SeymourE. G. Wren