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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1519 Jul 2001CARRY-ON normal20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. J. MorseWild love affair like this could give you coronaryanag. incl. 0, & lit.
SecondD. F. ManleyUntrue Archer: he concealed thatanag. less he + yon, & lit.; ref. Lord A.’s affair with Andrina Colquhoun
ThirdD. ArthurA cloned Harry Potter to be held a ——?comp. anag. & lit.; potter verb
VHCMrs F. A. BlanchardRipping yarn cor! This does succeed like success!anag.; like adj.
VHCC. J. BroughamSong and dance study covers Van Dyke’s role in Mary Poppins’Arry in con; jovial vulgar cockney
VHCE. J. BurgeGrant acting to secure run for ‘Much ado about nothing’?r in Cary on
VHCB. BurtonSequel to bestseller, confection of racy corn but lacking touch of Cartlandanag. less C
VHCC. J. & M. P. ButlerPublishing stunt involving racy Ronanag.; ref. ‘Sun’ and Ronnie Biggs
VHCC. A. ClarkeClamour surrounding the Gunners rising just after A Visit to Highbury perhaps?RA (rev.) in cry + on; ref. sequel to ‘Emma’ by Joan Austen-Leigh
VHCD. C. ClenshawComplaint’s in progress after goods go missing on railwaycar(go) + ry + on
VHCA. CoxRostand’s principal piece, Cyrano, in novel form?anag. incl. R, & lit.; ref. play ‘C. de Bergerac’
VHCN. C. DexterDodgy printing of any sequels to ‘Q’ & Co?anag. incl. RR, & lit.; ref. Quiller-Couch
VHCV. DixonDegraded stuff, in which the writer’s succeeded by an unknowny for I in carrion, & lit.; succeed = take the place of
VHCJ. S. EllisRip-off introducing one such as Potter or Bond, but not the originals(H)arry or (m)arry in con, & lit.
VHCR. J. HealdCorny novel given a plug by another’s reputation primarilya, r in anag., & lit.
VHCMrs J. MackieBond that’s neither original or fine, following racy recipe in pasticheanag. incl. r + (B)on(d), & lit.; ref. James Bond novels written by Raymond Benson; fine = end
VHCP. W. MarlowThat appears in the wake of Morris, say, and Kingcar R + yon, & lit.; ref. Desmond M. and Stephen K.
VHCT. J. MooreyDreadful —— with her man gets composed Mary Archer no end of admirationcomp. anag. incl. n, & lit.; ref. Jeffery A.’s affair
VHCI. SimpsonThis hound tale could be Arthur Conan Doyle pastichecomp. anag.; ref. ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’
VHCL. WardRip-off involving Rowling ’ero?’Arry in con; ref. J. K. R.

HCs in competition 1519 awarded to:

D. AppletonL. K. EdkinsF. P. N. LakeR. C. Teuton
M. BathH. FreemanR. K. LumsdonC. W. Thomas
E. A. BeaulahP. D. GaffeyJ. PearceDr I. Torbe
J. R. BeresfordR. R. GreenfieldD. PendreyA. J. Wardrop
Dr J. BurscoughJ. GrimesH. L. RhodesG. H. Willett
E. CrossC. R. GumbrellP. L. StoneA. J. Young
D. J. Dare-PlumptonJ. G. HullA. StreatfieldDr E. Young