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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1190 Mar 1995DENARIUS normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. J. MorsePlautine piece, ten times as rude as in burlesqueanag.; d. = 10 asses
SecondW. AndersonUrinal stained – evidence of this (Latin) being spentcomp. anag. & lit.
ThirdC. J. BroughamUn petit peu d’exercice, number penned by Milhaud, possibly a classic piece?e n in Darius
VHCM. BarleyFancy closure of Observer (i.e. Sunday without X’s successor) – I’d be a bit lost!anag. of r i.e. Sunda(y)
VHCR. C. BellUnder 1 as? That’s wronganag. & lit.; d. = 10 asses
VHCMrs M. J. CansfieldIt’s translated as ‘penny’ or, in U.S.A., ‘red’anag.
VHCR. V. DeardenGalloping diuresis is relieved by an old pennyanag. with an for is
VHCN. C. DexterPossibly Barings (bags lost!) used a fair number of asses?anag. less bags; ref. collapse of B. Bank
VHCV. DixonRoman relic, ten times as ruined as ruined could beanag.; d. = 10 asses
VHCMrs E. GreenawayA side run amok – price paid by Pompey for buying ten assesanag.; ref. Portsmouth FC, nicknamed Pompey
VHCC. R. GumbrellSum earned vineyard labouring amounts to this d every man?comp. anag. & lit.; ref. Matthew 20, 1-10
VHCA. J. GuyNursemaid distraught, losing money and small charge in Coliseumanag. less M
VHCF. P. N. LakeIn Rome, one was valid for putting up in settlement of duesI ran (all rev.) in anag., & lit.
VHCH. W. MassinghamThe smallest amount of LSD, and I sure hallucinatedanag.
VHCG. McStravickRendered unto Caesar, ‘dime’ – came to this!comp. anag. & lit.
VHCT. J. MooreySome asses carrying Independent, covertly read Sun!I in anag.
VHCA. Morgan-RichardsOne penny taken from purse and rendered – unto Caesar?anag. incl. I less p
VHCA. F. PearseNew Testament daily wage unraised – must be changed!anag.
VHCRev E. H. PyleCoin, under 1 as? That’s wronganag.; d. = 10 asses
VHCD. R. RobinsonWith a this Cato could render aid unto Caesarcomp. anag. & lit.
VHCA. StreatfieldCoin under a shilling, Roman one, originallyanag. incl. s, I, & lit.
VHCD. WilliamsonWhat’s spent in making urine’s a danag. & lit.

HCs in competition 1190 awarded to:

E. A. BeaulahDr I. S. FletcherMs M. KennedyG. Perry
Mrs F. A. BlanchardH. FreemanJ. P. LesterA. J. Redstone
L. W. BlottP. D. GaffeyJ. F. P. LeveyC. Robson
B. W. BrookMrs C. GeorgeJ. C. LeylandW. Rodgers
E. J. BurgeP. R. GiacconeJ. D. LockettJ. H. Russell
C. J. & M. P. ButlerC. P. GrantE. LoobyN. G. Shippobotham
I. CarrD. R. GregoryC. J. LoweJ. B. Sweeting
C. A. ClarkeJ. GrimesD. J. MacKayA. J. Wardrop
F. H. CrippsP. F. HendersonD. F. ManleyM. J. E. Wareham
D. B. CrossJ. R. HillP. W. MarlowR. A. Wells
E. CrossA. HodgsonA. R. N. MatthewsM. Whitmore
R. DeanT. M. HoggartC. G. MillinG. H. Willett
A. L. DennisE. M. HolroydW. L. MironM. A. L. Willey
C. M. EdmundsW. JacksonJ. H. Moore 
R. A. EnglandT. W. JohnsonR. J. Palmer 
C. J. FeetenbyJ. KearneyS. L. Paton