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S. B. Green1491619114105184Aug 1945Nov 1962
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
Ximenes competitions
721KERB-MERCHANTSt. Leger? Sometimes—but the backing of horses is rare for me nowadayscryptic def.; i.e. Street swindler; leger1
694OSIRIS (Printer’s Devilry)Bull? On the regimental notice-board the c/hit appears!bull = spit-and-polish; Irish bull2
669DRUMA ridge of high pressure2 mngs.
569PROPOSALA little persuasive argument, quietly, also brokenly presented—that’s the way to make it!pro1 p + anag., & lit.
451MEGAPODEI put out the clutch on a hill, and a small boy in the way beats a retreat!page2 (rev.) in mode
404POLENTABed-sitter in Italy to let (furnished) with a suitable breakfast providedPo lent a; i.e. river bed; lend = let, furnish
283SOBERRobes should he fashioned to fit—neither tight nor looseanag.
200ACCOUNTA Chancellor takes care of what’s untaxed at source in this!a C c/o unt(axed), & lit.
190CHEQUERSInlaid boards used by cabinet-makers2 mngs.; ref. PM’s country residence
153SAMISENSA flat be obtained from us if you want it without being broke by the expenditure!mise in sans; flat = note
97NESTORHeroic Greek crossword composed by Ximenes and Torquemada jointlyi.e. hidden in Ximenes Torquemada
70GARBAGEDoes half-crazy Robert Browning say “Grow old along with me”? Refuse completely!(ga-)ga + R.B. + age; ref. poem ‘Rabbi Ben Ezra’
67SURFEIT (DLM)I will always offer excess fare if sure to be found out anywayexcess fare
42HALLANSHAKERThe solicitor’s firmcryptic def.; ‘sturdy beggar’ in C.
38WIND-HOVERHang around by the wings after your turn, and you’ll certainly get the bird!wind + hover
5EDDYSTONEJack Warner, lacking capital, is on the rockscryptic def.; Jack = sailor; ref. Smeaton’s partly demolished lighthouse