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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
157 Jan 1951ORANGE normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstA. E. ClaytonIn case it is packed at Covent Garden, try the stalls at “Carousel”cryptic def.; ref. fruit market, opera house and nearby Drury Lane Theatre, where ‘orange-girl’ Nell Gwyn worked, and ‘Carousel’ played in 1950
SecondE. O. SeymourWild is a goner! Peel has constituted a force perilous to footpadsanag.; ref. Jonathan W., 18c. criminal, Sir Robert P., and slipping on o. peel
ThirdH. Ingram Rees“Revelry by night” is all about an eighteenth-century partyan in anag. of orge; ref. Orange Order, founded 1795
HCJ. W. BatesChange gear on seeing this!anag. & lit.; see = bring about result; traffic lights
HCRev B. ChapmanAbout ten divisions ambushed here! The outcome could be very bitter, and possibly bloody!cryptic def.; segments, bitter and blood o.
HCMrs N. FisherHas a tangy centre and its skin may be gold(t)ang(y) in ore, & lit.
HCS. GoldieCapacity second to none is pressed into service for the under-fives0 + range; ref. free o.-juice through Welfare Food Scheme
HCW. E. GreenPeeled in polite usage, but pealed in Old Englishrang in OE; ref. table etiquette
HCA. R. M. HooperPoint-blank, as it were, and pretty well pippedi.e. 0 range
HCMrs L. JarmanSee the globe with zest: frequent trips from Peelcryptic def.; ref. Isle of Man port, and slipping on peel; zest = orange flavour
HCC. B. JoynerComing back, I dashed inside for a drink. Otherwise I might have been a goner!ran in ego (rev.), anag.
HCC. Koop“With how depraved a quality—O Regan!” (This fruity line is nothing to the row that follows!)anag., 0 range; ref. King Lear II.4
HCJ. P. LloydO for a row between Red and Yellow!O range; ref. Cold War, i.e. Russia, China
HCT. E. SandersCross these lights and I’m a goner maybeanag. & lit.; lights in sense of letters of answer
HCA. E. SmithLove is given to rove: the fruit is often bitter0 range
HCL. E. ThomasFormation of several divisions picked to serve in the dessert!cryptic def.; segments; cf. desert
HCJ. ThompsonPithy address to a fuel consumeri.e. O range!

Runners-Up in competition 157:

C. A. BakerRev B. FoleyA. F. LerrigoMrs E. S. G. Sheehan
T. BilsboroughA. B. GardnerR. LumleyW. K. M. Slimmings
M. L. BookerC. C. M. GiffinE. L. MellershO. Carlton Smith
G. BownessP. Glennie-SmithA. E. NorthMrs A. L. Stevenson
Miss E. C. ChapmanS. B. GreenMrs A. M. OsmondR. G. Tate
H. ChownF. H. W. HawesRev E. B. PeelH. S. Tribe
A. N. ClarkD. HawsonE. R. PrenticeW. H. Victory
F. A. ClarkG. HopkinsE. J. RackhamG. A. Wain
G. H. ClarkeDr T. O. HughesJ. S. W. ReidH. D. Wakely
G. N. CollinsB. J. IliffeM. C. T. ReillyJ. F. N. Wedge
A. V. CranniganM. B. JonesH. B. RidleyC. E. Williams
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonG. G. LawranceA. RobinsMaj J. J. Wise
R. DonoghueB. M. LeggA. W. Saxby