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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
165 Apr 1951CABBAGE normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstW. K. M. SlimmingsOne of two joint accompanists picked for a performance of Madame Butterfly!cryptic def.; meat & two veg.; cabbage-butterfly
SecondL. C. WrightWhat’s to be gained by the Clipper? Fly British—there’s plenty of time!cab B age; cabbage2; fly = light vehicle on hire, (hist.); Clipper brand of Pan Am
ThirdRev J. G. GrahamThe taxi’s taking a b—— long time to reach the Savoy!cab, b, age
HCJ. W. BatesThe abbot in jail?! Yes, the cloth’s been pinched!Abb. in cage; cloth = the clergy; cabbage2
HCRev B. ChapmanA couple of bishops are jailed for abuse of the Cloth!a, B, B in cage; cloth = the clergy; see cabbage2
HCF. A. ClarkIn prison you’ll find a yarn may help you to tolerate even the bullyabb in cage; bully2 i.e. c. may hide the flavour
HCMrs D. FullerIt’s nice and green. Let’s hope it won’t be wet for our festival visitors!wet cabbage; ref. Festival of Britain 1951
HCS. B. GreenW. S. Gilbert unfortunately caught in a lift at the Savoy?anag. of Bab in cage; Bab = pen-name of W.S.G.
HCH. J. HowellsThere’s a warp in the container: it’s green stuff—wants well seasoningabb in cage
HCC. KoopThis kind of grub at the Savoy can be ruinous—a little dear chez Maxim’s too!cryptic def.; cabbage grub; ref. Savoy & Maxim’s restaurants; chou (Fr.)
HCF. P. N. LakeA B.B.C. variety turn is green with age—all stolen material, too!anag. + age; see cabbage2
HCF. E. NewloveA thing of snips and patches … Snips, isn’t that wrong?cryptic defs.; snip = a small piece cut off (cabbage2); cabbage patch; Snips = tailors
HCE. J. RackhamShould be barred if it has no heart (as greengrocer’s customers will agree!)ca(bba)ge & lit.
HCE. T. SmithCloth detained. Abbot in prisonAbb. in cage; cloth = the clergy; cabbage2
HCJ. ThompsonAppropriate material for a B.B.C. Variety Timeanag. + age; cabbage2
HCH. S. TribeCole Porter’s stock-in-trade wins heart-felt approval in Housewives’ Choicecryptic def. i.e. a cole porter transports cabbage, housewives inspect cabbage hearts
HCM. WoolfWhen pickled it’s best to take, steal or otherwise beg a cabanag., 2 defs.; cabbage1,2

Runners-Up in competition 165:

Rev H. H. J. CreesMrs N. FisherR. LumleyE. R. Prentice
B. C. CubbonMrs A. W. FullerE. L. MellershMrs J. Robertson
E. C. DoubleA. B. GardnerT. W. MelluishA. Robins
Brig W. E. DuncanC. E. GatesW. L. MironI. F. Scott
T. DwyerD. GoddenC. J. MorseL. E. Thomas
M. G. EllisP. A. HarrowA. C. NorfolkJ. G. Wellman
L. E. EyresE. A. G. JunksE. G. PhillipsH. H. Wiles