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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
23 Aug 1972SCLERODERMIC normal24


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstRev C. D. WestbrookLittle sign of red after almost merciless thrashing with rod – if one’s thisanag. of merciles(s) rod + c, & lit.; c = cent
SecondMrs N. JarmanDrawer involved with comic reels like ‘Dumbo’anag. incl. dr
ThirdR. E. KimmonsTests are so tough: middle of series – Lords – M.C.C. collapseanag. incl. (s)erie(s); test = testa
VHCF. D. H. AtkinsonHow I should be as rod circles me wielded violentlyanag. & lit.
VHCC. O. ButcherBreaking mile record’s tiptop of course and extremely hardanag. incl. c
VHCA. L. DennisIt’s hard, with tough covering, to make disorderly soccer milderanag.
VHCN. C. DexterAs hard skin circles me, Doctor, nothing is painfulanag. incl. Dr 0
VHCCdr H. H. L. DicksonR. M. cleric does, perhaps, like leathernecksanag.
VHCJ. A. FinckenNeeding doctor to come prepared with slicer?anag. incl. Dr, & lit.
VHCJ. H. FosterRight! cold creme is specially prepared for softening skin like thisanag. incl. r
VHCS. GoldieMr. Croc’dile, ’e’s uncommonly soanag. & lit.
VHCJ. J. GoulstoneCrusty Bouillabaisse of sliced ormer with mollusc tailanag. + c
VHCL. HoltmanIt’s having tough skins makes crocodiles more difficult; fire two roundsanag. less oo
VHCG. JohnstoneTest coverage might be: ‘M.C.C. order lies in ruins’anag.; test = testa
VHCSir S. KayeI’m mad about Emil’s record of a tough caseanag. incl. c.; ref. ‘Emil und die Detektive’
VHCA. D. LeggeWith a hard top surface, revising order lies with M.C.C.anag.
VHCMrs B. LewisComics erred, being funny about the sovereign – pelted hardanag. incl. L
VHCMrs J. MackieNamely, having a milder core disguised within?anag. in sc., & lit.
VHCMrs S. M. MacphersonCrusty cleric stormed about missing start of Testanag. less T
VHCMrs E. McFeeCase-hardened? Has what it takes to plot Colder crimesanag.
VHCW. H. PegramComic errs: led astray with corny material?anag.
VHCJ. RevillLacking wit, 4 crazy comics write drivel – result’s cornyanag. less wit, IV
VHCD. S. RobertsonCordeliers’ club-room bounds could be hard to penetrateanag. incl. c, m
VHCG. A. TomlinsonLike the scarabs and kindred species exotic climes recordanag.

HCs in competition 23 awarded to:

C. AllenG. P. GoddardH. MacRaeF. H. H. Pilkington
C. Allen BakerN. C. GoddardD. F. ManleyA. Rivlin
E. C. BinghamG. J. GostlingD. McCallumW. Rodgers
Mrs A. BoyesMrs L. F. HallenE. McNealT. E. Sanders
A. J. BulmanD. HawsonA. G. McPhieK. C. Slater
A. H. P. CardenT. HeaneyJ. P. MernaghSir W. Slimmings
E. ChalkleyMrs S. HewittD. P. M. MichaelH. Stokes
Miss A. O. M. ClarkJ. P. H. HirstC. G. MillinE. D. Taylor
Mrs M. P. CraineG. M. HornbyC. J. MorseD. J. Thorpe
A. J. CrowJ. HorwoodP. M. NeweyB. J. Wain
D. C. DaviesC. H. HudsonDr R. J. PalmerC. E. Williams
E. G. DurhamD. E. G. IrvineS. L. Paton 
J. GillMrs M. KissenMiss M. J. Patrick