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Mrs B. Lewis6969544584Dec 1963Mar 199733y 3m
 Clue wordAwardClueExplanation
1216CHAPERONVHCGooseberry fool with peach or a dash of nutmeganag. incl. n; gooseberry = unwanted third person
1169BLITHE / URSINE (Right and Left)VHCOnly a little bear, nimble, sprightly, like Pooh, revelling in ruseb + lithe; anag.
75GROCETERIAVHCIt spells the end of serving rice or tea looseg + anag., & lit.
66NONSENSEVHCNobody should go round bemonstered Ness in moonshineanag. in none
62SOLITAIRESThirdA girl’s best friend? Daddies must part with a lot, I fancyanag. in sires; ref. ‘Diamonds are…’
53ALEXANDERSVHCSome talk of my singular form – I’m blooming flat on top2 mngs.; ref. song The British Grenadiers: ‘Some talk of Alexander…’
50CORPULE(N)T (Letters Latent)VHCI’m bent on being top cluer and having a potanag.; ref. Azed cup
45NEMORALVHCBosky, renders ‘Ole Man R’ off-keyanag.
40FANTOCCINIVHCBusted F.C. in action ? Dolly players!anag.
27VINEGARVHCI go in for sharp dressing, see – trendy, gear, fantasticv in + anag.; gear adj.
23SCLERODERMICVHCComics erred, being funny about the sovereign – pelted hardanag. incl. L
5SCEUOPHYLAXVHCHe served old papa chop-suey – that’s chow, soft and flabbyanag. + lax; papa (obs.) = Gk. Orth. priest; chow = mixed
1ORGIASTVHCA mess of groats around lunch-time is good for a loose liverI in anag.; i.e. one o’clock
Ximenes competitions
1158ELEPHANT-SEALVHCThe plane’s doing stunts—stick tight—it’s a flipping jumboanag. + seal
1154CLARIONETThirdFiddle recital on? That lets me outanag. & lit.; ref. X’s error [see comments]
1143MORGIANAVHCThwarted a roaming band of robbers—she got them juggedanag. & lit.
1131CAROUSER (Misprints)VHCWhat ruins your sleep on the first sign of cock-crow? A roosterroister; c(ock-crow) + arouser
1127TRAYBITVHCTender being devitalised, alas, before end of Feb.—it will do for me(t(ende)r + ay1 + (Fe)b + it, & lit.; vitals = inward parts; 3d. bit to be withdrawn in Feb 1971
1123MAXIMISTVHCI’m touching no more strong drink—it’s raging, so one has saidmax + I’m + anag., & lit.; Prov. 20:1, King James Bible
1119RONDE (Printer’s Devilry)VHCIf you see an ant le/er, it’s probably a male 
1115FLESH-POTTERYFirstProduct of the Tory’s pelf, snarls the prosy left2 anags. & lit.; snarl2
1110IMPERSONATEVHCI’m to take off raiment and pose? Really!anag.; really, vb. = form anew
1106LEXICOGRAPHYVHCWork of a giant-hearted chap I rely on when tackling XX in anag. incl. Og; tackle = seize
1093MARTINETVHCMy form is strictly disciplined, figure neat and trimanag.; figure = shape, vb.
1089ENCLOISTERVHCConfine figure in corseletanag.; figure vb
1084ANGEL-FOODVHCNaughty Junior tucked into goo and tipsy cakeelf in anag.
1080ANDROMEDAVHCShe was on the rocks once; a wildly modern commercial turned up—now she’s among the starsa + anag. + ad (rev.), 2 defs.
1071ORACLE (Printer’s Devilry)VHCSo hungry—and po/rk, ami! I might be tempted to help myself to a pound or two 
1066RAVE / PAIR (DLM)VHCA very libertine, but taking fire would have let slip arrows more deadly, marry!, than the love-god’sfire, vb.
1058Aragon, Boleyn, Seymour, Cleves, Howard, Parr (Anagram)VHCParamours? No—’cos noble Harry wed every gal 
1054PINACOTHECAVHCIce-patch on a set makes place unsuitable for pavement-artist’s workanag.; set = arranged, paving-stone
1049SLANGWHANGERVHCOne might become a shrew and nag and nag, heading for divorce by fiftyanag., L between first two letters, & lit.
1041TEA-LEADVHCOur char’s chest-protector is one featured in the TV commerciala in tele-ad.
1036CORONETEDVHCHaving the upper crust in the dress-circle adds tone to the décor and causes a stiranag.; u.c.= head
1032TENONER (Printer’s Devilry)FirstFleeing from an amorous début, An/-an? Faster than the confirmed bachelor!ref. London Zoo’s panda
1019DISCORD (Misprints)ThirdJam in the Underground: ropy linejar; Dis cord
1010MOTORISTVHCSaloon-keeper usually places non-U sight-seer after a secondMO + to(u)rist; saloon car
1006CHROME-PLATINGVHCGlossy cover for light romance, woven round Prince as central characterP in anag.
1000THOUSANDVHC‘“If this were only cleared away” they said, “it would be grand”.’ With this by you it could bethou sand, & lit.; ref. The Walrus and the Carpenter
997TREACLEFirstMaterial for a black confection that might become Electraanag.; t. toffee; ref. O’Neill, ‘Mourning Becomes E.’
989GRENADINEVHCThin silk needs building up with a dinner and a brief for exampleanag. incl. e.g.
980OMNIBUSESVHCRound pills, a writer needs, in large boxes (they pick one up)MO (rev.) + nib uses; pills = a doctor
975HALESecondYou need to pull your weight—I’m well in with a leprechaunhidden; 2 defs.; l. does drudgery
971MAGOTPIE / ANECDOTE (Right and Left)FirstTurns up at school with tuck, chatters in “Macbeth”—cane judiciously applied au fond, I’m toldto + gam (all rev.) + pie; anag. + dote; fond, (vb.) = dote; Macbeth 3. iv.
949BROWSINGSecondIt may involve turning over new leaves—some will reach the bible and readdouble mng.; bible, read, stomachs of ruminants
945OBLITERATEVHCA sponge will lift the elbow unendingly—assuming I treat, anyway!anag. incl. elbo(w)
941HYPODERMICVHCDormice in poor shape after mumps—must be shothyp + anag.; hyp = hypochondria, mumps = melancholy
936MINI SKIRTSVHCWhen they’re in a breeze, 1000-1 it’s kni…rs you’ll be able to see.M I + anag., & lit.
933COTTABUSSecondGreek play with vintage cast appearing in terra-cotta buskinshidden
929AMPHITHEATREVHCI’m a circus clown with the hip, mate, nursing a broken heartanag. in anag.; clown, vb.
924MIMESTER / PECULATE (Right and Left)VHCCopper leapt rudely around, and ’e makes to pinch me—being in the old profession I take offCu in anag. + e; me in mister2
907SORITES (Misprints)VHCForm of seasoning for a duck—a touch of rosemary in ground sulphurreasoning; 0 r in site + S
898POCHARDVHCStrike a chord with the gentle character in Peter Pan, Smeeanag. incl. p; smee = pochard
890DEBENTUREVHCSociety girl neuter, refractory—Bond admits drawbackdeb + anag.; drawback = refund of duty
878ENTOMOSTRACAVHCThey have hard cases in the lowest form at Eton, so cram to get passesanag.
868DANDER / TOUPEE (Right and Left)VHC“Cinders,” an Edinburgh production, has darned surrealistic—to a United Presbyterian eye—transformationanag.; to UP ee; dander3
860CORSAGEFirstGraces bust—cache for love-letterO in anag., & lit.
856RODOMONTADEVHCWhat does one Mr. Toad do? A lot of boastinganag.; does = sets in order
851Sire & Dam (Sire & Dam)SecondFool by April the First out of Gooseberry Bushgooseberry fool
847FRENETICALVHCBrought up in holier surroundings, X is not above a bit of fun ramblingten in lacier + f (all rev.)
843PRISTINEVHCLike the first man appearing in topless pin-stripe—confusedanag. less p
834CARRIEDVHCSuccessful proposals are conveyed in “Redicar” taxisanag.; taxis = arrangement
832PENNY-WISE (Misprints)VHCCareful with the wash—especially the smalls—put in a copper the old waycash; penny wise
825COACHESVHCCharas: an extract of hemp some people drop in a saladache (= aitch) in cos; cf. churrus
821SOMERSETFirstHardy girl’s up to an intake of half a gallon, when dry: a tumbler will do meomer in Tess (rev.); ref. Tess of the d’Urbervilles
817WYLIE-COATSSecondIn these, will twa lie cosy? Will, that!anag. & lit.: will3 = astray, Scot.
796STRAKE (or STRAIK) (Misprints)VHCBet includes the first in the race, a fillyfelly; r in stake
780NOBLEST (and Eximenamination)VHCExim: 14 (clue preferred)
777TAILOR-BIRDSecondNon-U, lurid art book I ordered (censored, all right!). For the young I stitch the leaves togetheranag. less U and O.K.

HCs awarded to Mrs B. Lewis
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  1284 STALE (3 defs. + sub. ind. of wrapping) (Parcels)
  1264 TREDRILLE / FERVOROUS (Right and Left)
  1232 The world is too much with us; late and soon (Anagram)
  1181 SLADE
  57 MINARET (Printer’s Devilry)
Ximenes competitions
  1162 BEAM-ENDS
  1145 GENIPAP
  1140 CALLOUS
  1100 BEAU(C)LER(C) (Letters Latent)
  1076 NEFAST (Misprints)
  1045 SPLIT / MOUTH (Right and Left)
  1028 SATIRE
  1023 CONSOLE
  1002 PILLAGE
  984 Word containing a first name (Anonymous)
  962 PALING
  954 CERATE (Printer’s Devilry)
  920 ARISTATE (Printer’s Devilry)
  911 DRAGON
  884 MASHER (Printer’s Devilry)
  839 GINGER (Printer’s Devilry)
  812 ABRUPT / TISANE (Right and Left)
  800 Charlemagne, Emperor of the West (Anagram)
  786 METAMERES (Printer’s Devilry)
  782 SWELL

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