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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
275 Mar 1954ESTOVER Printer’s Devilry22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. B. FilburnTrue! Man’s fast/s are inconsistent, even with Lent here to inspireref. Fred T. & Len Hutton, 1954 Tests v. W. Indies
SecondD. S. ChetwoodIf to peep be low conduc/t, I go “shut-eye”vertigo [see comments]
ThirdMrs J. E. TownsendCorporations will prot/rude! Exhibits? At the City’s art gallery![see comments]
HCJ. N. A. Armitage-SmithStarving alters bab/y’s limb? Rats ! 
HCC. Allen BakerIf you catch agu/e—a tingle, this—stay end-up! 
HCMrs G. M. BrownNever clean the flues in your b/all-dress to fit the occasion 
HCG. H. ClarkeGu/atemala dysentery! The M.A away?malady sent erythema
HCMiss B. J. DixNew curate’s hand in? Gun wanted—ti/ger in church! 
HCJ. A. FinckenTo a scribe, the large number of poor in Sid/mouth must begin loving to excess! 
HCM. B. FisherFirst night—b/and forgot ten bars!—packed with noisy critics 
HCR. M. GraceLet stakes ampl/ify our speculations 
HCJ. Hardie Keir“Splicing the mainbrace with raw A.B.s in the ‘con’ duc/t? I! Go and hang!” Overraw absinthe conduces vertigo; con = steering
HCC. R. MalcolmKitchener considered th/e ally reliable 
HCMrs A. M. OsmondI’ll take the run, spr/y, quick, said the player, looking at the score 
HCR. PostillHurricane hitting Lake Rand may be at windiest/ in three days. How we dread such news.beat W. Indies. Test over … we’d read; ref. Jim Laker and Peter May, 1954 Tests v. W. Indies
HCMiss G. SavorySurely a happy match in summer test, if i/n all overs wisdomtestifies to vernal lovers’
HCO. Carlton SmithDesiring a rich yield, he’d not give up his lands containing or/dure 
HCMiss D. M. ThorneMarriage lin/gers—must get monotonous 
HCD. H. TompsettThe Tories are equal, Bevan! Cri/minal—most!ref. Aneurin B.
HCH. S. TribeFather must putt h/igh—tore at greens like a rabbit! 
HCM. R. WeatherfieldPatients weep at chronic ’flu/e; aches, high temperature!Patient sweep … flue stove reaches …
HCJ. S. YoungWill huntsmen with mount ever/ come? Goon! Dreaming about it!ref. Col. John Hunt, conquest of Everest

Runners-Up in competition 275:

E. S. AinleyB. C. EvansI. M. NewallJ. C. W. Springbett
M. A. AndersonMrs N. FisherF. E. NewloveL. M. Styler
Lt Col P. S. BainesS. GoldieMrs P. M. OgramJ. B. Sykes
Mrs BairdMrs G. E. GrahamRev E. B. PeelH. G. Tattersall
J. W. BatesE. G. IllingworthE. G. PhillipsMiss D. W. Taylor
T. E. BellC. KauffmanT. D. Powell-DaviesM. A. Vernon
J. P. BowyerW. I. N. KesselA. RedstoneJ. F. N. Wedge
Maj H. L. CarterR. E. KimmonsW. RennieJ. B. Widdowson
F. J. ClarkG. G. LawranceN. C. SalterK. R. R. Wilson
G. N. CoulterT. A. MartinT. E. SandersM. Woolf
C. R. DeanE. J. MeadonR. I. SavageL. C. Wright
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonE. L. MellershE. O. Seymour 
T. DwyerC. J. MorseW. K. M. Slimmings