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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
343 Jul 1955EPIGONI normal14


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMaj P. S. BainesPtolemy, Seleucus and Co. have a feast on dividing the crowns of Egypt and Indiapig on in E, I; successors to Alexander
SecondF. H. W. HawesHomers? No! Greatly inferior offspring of pigeon I let looseanag.
ThirdW. K. M. SlimmingsProgeny of such as the Empress of Blandings in old age, I should concludepig in eon + I, & lit.; ref. P. G. Wodehouse
HCI. B. EvansThe pigeon I shot on the outermost branch of the treeanag.; family tree
HCMrs N. FisherSons of the heroic age, now without metal, one concludespig (iron) in eon + I, & lit.
HCC. E. GatesIn the East I find a rough bar, getting half-seas-over. There’s the younger generation for you!pig on in E, I; on = getting drunk
HCS. B. GreenA hot-water bottle against one—that’s a necessary adjunct to the English, but our fathers were made of sterner stuff!E + pig on I; see pig2 in C.
HCJ. Hardie KeirA short peignoir fashioned for the younger generation—the “A line” has gone!anag. less r
HCC. KoopNo “Queen” to appear in an improper peignoir! (In the contest those who succeeded triumphed with a vengeance!)anag. less R; ref. Sophocles, ‘Epigoni’
HCP. H. MorganIn the ragtime Pig on Ivories we appear relatively uninspired after Alexanderhidden; A.’s Ragtime Band
HCT. E. SandersHaving dropped the two openers in the deep I go back in the slips(de)ep I go + in (rev.); slip = descendant
HCE. O. SeymourWe have not the capacity of our fathers. I should be laid out after pigeon pieanag. + I; pie2
HCJ. W. TaylorOrdinary issue of famous stock—but one pigeon’s been shaken down!anag. incl. I; pigeon = dupe
HCJ. F. N. WedgeThe pigeon pie I served up did for the King after another seven had had a go!anag. + I; pie2; ref. Aeschylus, ‘Seven Against Thebes’ and Sophocles, ‘Epigoni’

Runners-Up in competition 343:

J. W. BatesW. J. EmersonE. L. MellershD. H. Tompsett
E. C. BinghamS. GoldieJ. G. MilnerH. S. Tribe
A. BorshellE. G. IllingworthC. J. MorseG. H. Willett
C. O. ButcherL. JohnsonA. J. NelsonS. E. Wilson
D. L. L. ClarkeW. I. N. KesselE. G. Phillips 
R. M. S. CorkA. F. LerrigoJ. H. Quincey 
W. J. DuffinDr D. S. M. lmrieJ. M. Sharman