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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
375 Jun 1979SPREATHE normal25


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstN. C. DexterTo chap ’ee wi’ t’ sharp windanag.; wind = twist
SecondR. J. Hooper‘Asperate’ gives one this, not ‘aspirate’, silly!i.e. anag. incl. H less a, & lit.
ThirdF. R. PalmerWhat sun and wind will make you (get out west for a bit of patois!)s + wreathe with p for w, & lit.
VHCR. H. AdeyGet into rough from the tee and par’s hard, you’ll findanag. incl. h; rough n. = rough state
VHCC. Allen BakerThere’s Pa with a switch; rough for some!anag.; rough v.
VHCW. BarrowChap, broadcaster, translating the German to Englishspreader with the for der
VHCD. P. ChappellCornish chap must have yen for well cooked pasty hereanag. less y
VHCMrs D. ColleyA hepster is incorrect term for ‘country’ chapanag.; ref. country music
VHCJ. H. DingwallChap starts to sweat and pants. Heater requires adjustments p + anag.
VHCDr J. F. GrimshawLocal chap spelling for bee in whisperbreathe with sp. for b
VHCG. B. HigginsBlown peter has chap in Dartmooranag.
VHCM. D. LawsSomerset chap? Arguably, he set par for puzzlinganag.; ref. Ximenes’s middle name
VHCA. D. LeggeWhat can thicky icy blast do? Rasp thee cruellyanag.
VHCD. F. ManleyChap in Devon? Rapt, he burst out with: ‘End of bowls first; Spain afterwards!’s + anag. + E; ref. Sir F. Drake at Plymouth
VHCH. W. MassinghamWhat a petersham inside out might do?anag. of (a) petersha(m), & lit.
VHCL. MayChap with no children has not begun to lives.p. + (b)reathe
VHCD. P. M. MichaelHideous past and here is chap en route for Dartmooranag.
VHCC. G. MillinSomerset chap? That’s me disguised with abbreviated smockcomp. anag. incl. smoc(k)
VHCJ. J. MoorePier that is cast in sea by the rough south-westerlyp(i.e.)r in sea + the
VHCC. J. MorseChap from Devon mixed with dissolute company in Thorpe casecomp. anag. incl. co.; ref. Jeremy T., Norman Scott
VHCF. E. NewloveWhat’ll do this? The asper windsanag. & lit.
VHCMiss I. M. RaabThee’ll ’ave ter wraxle wi’ rasp ter doen thickyanag.
VHCW. J. M. ScotlandMake rash – with pee around tot’s rear?t in anag., & lit.
VHCT. A. J. SpencerChap, if nursing broken cuit, needs therapeutics badlycomp. anag.
VHCF. B. StubbsWith outlying villages neglected, Dorset, perhaps, cut up roughanag. less dorps

HCs in competition 375 awarded to:

Miss M. R. AdcockR. P. C. FormanS. HolgateR. J. Palmer
C. J. AndersonI. D. FosterE. M. HolroydB. A. Pike
T. AndersonB. FrancoMrs W. HulmeMrs A. Price
F. D. H. AtkinsonO. H. FrazerA. H. JonesT. Proctor
R. L. BakerA. L. FreemanMiss F. S. KempDr A. I. Rees
A. BottomsH. FrostR. E. KimmonsRear Adm W. T. C. Ridley
Mrs A. BoyesF. D. GardinerF. P. N. LakeE. G. Riley
Mrs M. J. CansfieldR. GarnettR. J. LawrenceN. Roles
D. ClarkC. C. M. GiffinC. W. LaxtonH. R. Sanders
A. J. CrowN. C. GoddardJ. LindsayT. E. Sanders
R. P. DowlingS. GoldieC. LovingMiss B. Skevington
P. DrummondM. GoodyearL. K. MaltbyW. K. M. Slimmings
P. S. ElliottJ. GraingeW. L. MironJ. J. Ward
C. J. FeetenbyDr R. A. HardmanJ. D. MooreD. C. Williamson
A. D. FooteD. V. HarryR. A. Mostyn