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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
564 Nov 1959SHE-BEAR normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs J. RobertsonOne who licks her babes heartlessly into shapeanag. incl. ba(b)es, & lit.
SecondRev E. G. RileyShe is youth personified in a short shirt at Holyrood: her skin almost blinds the guardsHebe in sar(k); bearskin
ThirdT. E. BellTeddy-girl? A beastly type—her beau’s shockingly non-U tooanag. less U
HCD. B. J. AmblerHere’s that partner of ours (French but Anglicised) embracing a wine-waitress in the Saracen’s Head!Hebe in Sar(acen); ours, ourse, Fr.
HCR. J. AtkinGlorified barmaid with Scotch odour about her. Who is the little ——? Ursula!Hebe in sar2; see Ursula in Names
HCJ. W. BatesAh! beer’s poor—missus’ brewin’ might suit me just as well by the sound of it!anag.; ‘Mrs Bruin’
HCW. D. HartHer pointless babes are licked into shape!anag. less b, & lit.: point = head.
HCE. A. JonesTo live in a state of stress is the lot of a Teddy’s matebe in shear
HCC. J. LoweOne who may cheer a grizzly mate by waggling her base!anag.
HCMrs E. McFeeUrsula’s a little ——! Suitable mate for a Teddy boy?cryptic def.; see Ursula in Names
HCP. H. MorganA personification of youth in a type of garment I can’t stand—that’s the teddy-girl!Hebe in sar(I)
HCC. J. MorseThe honey that appeals to the mature honey-lover will soon have youngsters wanting a lickcryptic def.; 1st honey = sweetheart
HCW. H. PegramHere’s a Brownie-leader with a difference—her pack’s all cubs!cryptic def.
HCR. PostillBeer has become the prime liquor of the brewin’ world, as you might say!anag.; ‘licker’, ‘Bruin’
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsWinnie? She’s barmaid in the Saracen’s Head: see she doesn’t get a crush on you!Hebe in Sar(acen); Winnie, girl’s name and W.-the-Pooh
HCJ. A. L. SturrockYoung Olympic cup-holder (amateur) puts fresh heart into soccer. Would make good Busby-material, this one!Hebe a in s(occe)r; ref. Matt B., Manchester Utd.; b. = bearskin
HCMrs L. WatersIt would take a rash bee to upset this raider of his storesanag. & lit.

Runners-Up in competition 564:

J. A. AdamsonR. F. S. ChignellV. JenningsE. O. Seymour
F. D. H. AtkinsonP. M. CoombsG. L. KennabyE. B. Stevens
C. Allen BakerT. N. DowseP. W. W. LeachP. W. Stroud
Mrs BeggJ. A. FloodI. McGiveringF. Sutton
B. W. BrookMiss E. GabbitasD. P. M. MichaelMiss D. W. Taylor
W. D. BroughtonC. E. GatesE. J. MillerA. F. Toms
Rev C. M. BrounG. P. GoddardM. NewmanC. T. Tulloch
W. W. BrownS. GoldieB. G. PalmerMrs H. G. Waddell
R. S. CaffynJ. GoldmanE. G. PhillipsD. W. Williams
Mrs CaithnessP. GraystoneA. RobinsM. Winterbottom