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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
67 Jan 1948SURFEIT DLM23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. J. CollmanI will always pay excess fare if sure to be detectedexcess fare
FirstW. E. GreenI will always pay excess fare if sure that I can’t dodge it!excess fare
FirstS. B. GreenI will always offer excess fare if sure to be found out anywayexcess fare
HCH. P. ChubbI will always enjoy my spivic week-ends (Fri.-Tues.) to the fullto the full
HCD. L. L. ClarkeI will never bluster if asked to pay excess fareexcess fare
HCMrs G. CumperI will never forget that enough is true fullness; too much, mere gluttonytoo much
HCMrs J. DeanI will always indulge to repletion in a partiality for Milton and such lines as P.L. iv. 248–50repletion; ref. Paradise Lost; lines referred to contain two mixtures of the letters of surfeit: “whose fruit” and “Fables true if”
HCF. E. DixonI will never visit Cheddar Gorge, if what is told of the cliff is truegorge
HCJ. GibbsI will never put too much side on if I don’t chalk my cue firsttoo much; ref. snooker
HCC. B. JoynerI will always chalk my cue first before trying to put on overmuch sideovermuch; ref. snooker
HCW. I. N. KesselI will always make double sure if there’s some over biddingsome over; ref. bridge
HCM. LeafI will never argue first before paying excess fareexcess fare
HCR. MacleodI will never pay E.P.T. without exploring every avenue firstexcess (E. in the clue); EPT = excess profits tax, levied in wartime
HCB. MatthewsI will always chalk my cue first and never put too much ontoo much; ref. snooker
HCE. L. MellershI will always say “Must fire Strachey” when I can’t get more than enough to eatmore than enough; ref. John S., Min. of Food
HCD. A. NichollsI will never drink to excess (or X——s) if true merit receives no tokenexcess; i.e., Ximenes
HCB. L. OxleyI will always pay any excess fare due, first or thirdexcess fare
HCA. P. O’LearyI will never expect too much profit if sure of a pooltoo much
HCE. W. PadgettI will always remember that he who puts on too much side should chalk his cue firsttoo much; ref. snooker
HCRev E. B. PeelI will always control my dentures if eating sticky stuffstuff
HCJ. A. PlowmanI will always put first things first: eupepsy before satietysatiety
HCF. Wallace-HadrillI will never refute Sir Stafford’s estimate of my E.P.T.excess (E. in the clue); EPT = excess profits tax, levied in wartime; ref. Sir S. Cripps, Chancellor
HCI. W. WilsonI will never take out my dentures if encumbered with too much toffeetoo much

Runners-Up in competition 67:

J. P. AikenC. P. GrantD. P. M. MichaelR. C. Shorter
E. S. AinleyW. E. GreenL. E. MorrisH. Snape
Dr G. R. AspinwallMrs B. P. HallMrs B. MurrayW. J. Swords
S. BellP. A. HarrowMiss M. NaylorMiss A. C. Tatham
M. BishopMrs L. JarmanC. A. NendickL. W. Titman
Miss J. A. N. BuchananMrs R. L. KempA. C. OkellH. S. Tribe
Col J. D. CampbellMrs M. KidnerR. PostillD. L. Tuckett
Lt Cdr J. P. CornishE. E. R. KilnerH. RaingerJ. D. Wallace
E. DehnC. KoopK. ReedDr J. D. S. Watling
L. E. EyresJ. L. LangtonT. E. SandersW. Watts
Dr J. N. FellT. LewisLt Col J. D. B. SealyC. E. Williams
D. L. FletcherMiss MalcolmG. W. SeddonP. M. Williams
T. FryMrs H. McGladeryE. C. Semmons