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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
72 Mar 1948TEMPLE BAR normal19


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstW. H. J. WheelerCity bound, did counsel once stop here for refreshers?i.e. bar at Temple; refreshers = fees, drinks; boundary of City of London
SecondRev B. PeelBound to be where to get a refresher at the Inns of Courti.e. bar at Temple; refresher = fee, drink; boundary of City of London
ThirdR. C. PaynWhere to find the Lamb and Flag in the Strand—but the flag’s a blue oneanag. of lamb, peter; blue peter; T.B. located at end of Strand
HCRev B. ChapmanOverthrow the Labour Party, chuck them in the river, and refuse them entrance into the cityLP (rev.) in Teme + bar; boundary of City of London
HCF. A. ClarkDivine place next door to a pub near Cheshunt. Sh! Malt beer on taptemple + bar, anag. of p malt beer; T.B. Gate rebuilt in Cheshunt in 1878; p, Sh! = quiet
HCH. B. DrakeWhere men from the Fleet, Westward bound, got stranded. Sounds like W.R.N.S.’ doingcryptic def.; T.B. located where Fleet St. meets Strand; ‘Wren’s’; Sir C. Wren designed T.B. Gate
HCW. EiteSoft short malt beer obtainable from this ancient City halt for trafficanag. incl. p; gate of City of London
HCT. C. FitzpatrickRebel M.P. at Westminster bound for troubleanag.; boundary of Westminster
HCW. HoughOld time limit for legal refreshers?i.e. bar at Temple; refreshers = fees, drinks; boundary of City of London
HCL. A. JonesIt was no use asking for trunks at this Exchange, even if you saw the headscryptic def.; criminals’ heads displayed on T.B.; i.e. telephone exchange; trunks = long distance calls
HCMrs M. KidnerIs this old gateway the spot where Solomon dispensed the twenty thousand baths of wine?i.e. Temple bar; ref. II Chron. 2:10; Temple at Jerusalem
HCC. KoopWhat those City folk went through was the limit—one above the cheek-bone then another buffet!temple + bar; boundary of City of London
HCI. A. H. MunroAbout time Bobby Abel retired, turning up at the old City wicket!temp. + R. Abel (rev.); ref. cricketer; wicket = gate
HCC. OkellTo make a name in Fleet St. you need something over and above cheek when faced with an obstructiontemple + bar; T.B. at end of Fleet St.
HCJ. RileyWhere the City Fathers scored a boundary, but Solomon might only have snatched quick onei.e. Temple bar; Temple at Jerusalem; boundary of City of London
HCP. H. TaylorArchiepiscopal interdict once associated with Griffin of Westminster?Temple bar; Cardinal G., Archbishop of Westminster in 1948; griffin statue on T.B.
HCMiss D. W. TaylorRebel M.P. at roundabout, bound for Westminsteranag.; boundary of Westminster
HCCapt A. K. TrowerWhen a teetotaller embraced Elizabeth Barrett, it stopped the London trafficE.B. in Templar (Intl. Org. of Good Templars); gate of City of London
HCH. D. WakelyWhat one had to go through in the old days to get a footing in Fleet St.!cryptic def.; gate at end of Fleet St.

Runners-Up in competition 72:

C. Allen BakerS. B. GreenLady MacnairJ. Thompson
Mrs BeggJ. W. HammondC. L. PausL. Titman
E. A. C. BennettJ. R. HomaJ. A. PlowmanCapt C. Tyers
Rev L. BlackburnE. M. HornbyH. RaingerF. L. Usher
W. T. CliftT. E. S. JobsonK. Reed 
J. N. FellM. G. KendallMrs Rowlands 
A. J. GeorgeF. A. LambE. Sheward