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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
868 Xmas 1988ROLAND (2 clues + def. of contents) Parcels24


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstDr I. S. FletcherLetters? Arranging all I’d end as champion for a Scrabble gamelandladies, faro; anag.; anag.
SecondR. J. PalmerName held by dashing fellow certainly not gay, noble champion who gets the woman’s love?landgrave, hero; n in lad + grave; her 0
ThirdF. P. N. LakeAlcohol abuse leads to some establishments refusing to open before league match; also the club bar!sterol, andiron; anag. of initial letters + l; and iron
VHCM. BarleyTrio that’s gone west for baby Messiah arrives in Israel, and Saviour is foundtiro, lands; anag.; hidden
VHCE. J. BurgeCouncil put dog on to catch rat – restaurant orbit’s devastatedlandtag, bistro; land + tag; anag.
VHCC. A. ClarkeInnkeeper turning funny about extra lodging, ideal wife brought about cry of wonder in sort of penlandlord, biro; and in droll (rev.); rib (rev.) + O!
VHCF. H. CrippsFor a thrown game, champ weaved, led and went downfaro, landed; anag.; anag.
VHCN. C. DexterWatch, from portal, tragic Hero part from Leander – so nearly getting backpatrol, Anderson; anag.; hidden; ref. Viv A., England full-back
VHCC. M. EdmundsSteroid Ben, stripped of first, trod shakily with reason – hero Lewis, with nothing injected, gets praise (and timely praise too)androsterone, carol; anag. less B; Car(o)l; ref. B. Johnson, Carl L., sprinters
VHCN. GambierDance, cheer little brother’s boxing match v Large Dan – out for the countbolero, landgrave; ole in bro; anag.
VHCB. GreerNT book covers arrival to praise child maiden delivered, object of star-gazers’ interestcarol, Andromeda; ar. in Col.; 2 meanings
VHCP. F. HendersonLegendary ‘fiery’ player in one Roses match to strike a blow with three from Lancashire going downNero, land; hidden; Lan + d; ref. Fred Trueman
VHCV. G. HendersonFather, infinite God reflected by Word: champion treating men’s ills though yielding glory, filled with loveparol, andrology; pa + Lor(d) (rev.); and + 0 in anag.
VHCDr J. M. HutchinsonReserve left and right hooks to cut back hero spoiling for a gamelandwehr, faro; l and + r hew (rev.); anag.
VHCJ. C. LeylandWise old travellers all spot first sign of divinity in stange star, ferry gold and such from eastland-pilots, ro-ro; anag. incl. d; or2 or (rev.)
VHCD. F. ManleyTo have good fortune and love Shakespearean character Hero ends by being rescued from scandal and shameProspero, lands; prosper 0; hidden; ref. ‘Much Ado About Nothing’
VHCH. W. MassinghamSome tar outraged Master Hornblower, RN lead swinging lad who went ashoremaestro, lander; anag.; anag.
VHCD. P. MillerDressed for away match, and led out on the groundfro, landed; anag.; anag.
VHCT. E. SandersThe game for a sporting hero to secure gold for a coachfaro, landau; anag.; land Au
VHCW. J. M. ScotlandSolid stuff! From the grip of monster, old hero, adored man, liberated Greek maidensterol, Andromeda; hidden; anag.
VHCDr A. H. SevilleStreamer waving near bold hero with strength that is seen under firebanderol, andiron; anag.; and iron
VHCW. K. M. SlimmingsFor one so expert, swimming stream to love Hero, Leander’s losing energy would be a heavy blowmaestro, lander; anag.; L(E)ander
VHCG. P. StroulgerNovice brings about destruction of Tory hero; massive election victory spoilt in deal with SLDtyro, landslide; anag.; anag.
VHCDr I. TorbeMaking for a rumbustious game, match Liverpool and Everton. It’s plain they’d be grippingfaro, lande; anag.; hidden

HCs in competition 868 awarded to:

Mrs K. BissettD. GilesR. K. LumsdonM. C. C. Rich
H. J. BradburyN. C. GoddardP. W. MarlowH. R. Sanders
C. J. BroughamS. GoldieJ. R. C. MichieA. D. Scott
B. BurtonR. R. GreenfieldC. G. MillinD. J. Short
D. A. CampbellJ. F. GrimshawR. S. MorseDr N. Smith
G. P. ConwayD. J. HenningsK. MoultF. Stevens
R. M. S. CorkA. W. HillI. MunroA. W. Taylor
R. V. DeardenP. D. HinchliffeD. S. NagleM. J. Tomkinson
Dr V. G. I. DeshmukhJ. HorwoodF. R. PalmerG. A. Tomlinson
R. A. EnglandR. JacksG. PerryR. J. Whale
C. J. FeetenbyM. S. Taylor & N. C. JohnsB. A. PikeS. Williams
S. C. FordJ. KnowlerD. Price JonesD. Williamson
H. FreemanC. W. LaxtonH. L. RhodesM. G. Wilson
P. D. GaffeyJ. D. LockettP. RhodesDr E. Young