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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
792 Jul 1987DISTHENE Printer’s Devilry30


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. J. BurgeOverhauling old fishing tackle, I’ve managed to check the ro/t OK 
SecondR. C. DaleFew gems compare with the ruby-spinels (a r/are stone)sard
ThirdC. P. ReaA little bit of nonsense which if wor/n closed looks better 
VHCM. BarleyA fast pro’s o/vers can scare, fully!prosodist
VHCH. J. Bradbury‘Taking Guardian? Times? Express? – Delivery six p. each,’ says te/xt in a shop windowBotham, Dexter
VHCRev Canon C. M. Broun‘Trusting o/ver – end in grousing’ – theme of the Bible 
VHCC. A. ClarkeBrash Australian la/w champion crushing top-ranking opponent in dramatic court encounterref. Pat Cash, Wimbledon
VHCA. Clarkson‘Go/at’: brief answer one gives when children ask, ‘Where do little kids come from? 
VHCM. CoatesDuring zoo visit, save task – show ba/ck of the giraffe 
VHCDr V. G. I. DeshmukhAgain Martin Amis se/t play of ‘The Rivals’ – getting betterref. Martina Navratilova, Wimbledon
VHCJ. H. DingwallAn inescapable expense when a shoe sol/ed – to repair it 
VHCP. DrummondGood gracious me! Lo/ver wants fortune 
VHCS. GoodieA ze/ro we dread when judgments appear 
VHCJ. F. GrimshawTraveller’s certainly not met ho/ver-flies before, he’s confessed 
VHCP. F. Henderson‘Pain can make you go “O/w!”’ – Doctrine of a flagellant convert? 
VHCP. D. HinchliffeBeing we/t, result of deciding to take the plunge 
VHCG. LevershaAustralian la/w champion in court dramaref. Pat Cash, Wimbledon
VHCM. A. Macdonald-CooperWhen we heard and sa/w ‘soft’ Roy, did Owen truthfully pale?Troy, Dido; R. Jenkins, David O.
VHCN. MellonCo/ver failing catch in the deep? 
VHCC. J. MorseWhat mend is covering o/ver failing light? 
VHCR. J. PalmerHorace was a classic, a lo/ver, went in for romances 
VHCD. B. SmithA prior stops getting fines, having the crown of the hea/venly hairless! 
VHCMrs I. G. SmithLendl – mis-se/rve of the champion faltering?ref. Ivan L., Wimbledon
VHCD. H. TompsettSighs Ball, ‘A/n amour! So don’t beat it, willow!’ref. The Mikado
VHCMrs N. TurnerSecret of lush green: so/w seed 
VHCM. E. VenthamWhat is in Paris? Len i/s there 
VHCA. P. Vincent‘We’re keeping faith in Go/wer’ – a selection promise 
VHCM. H. E. WatsonBra in wash? The liar! The min/x posed, revealing all 
VHCSir David WillcocksThe prefects be/at one in the ‘dorm’ 
VHCG. H. WillettA dry a/moral equivalent of a naiad 

HCs in competition 792 awarded to:

R. AbreyM. FreemanDr R. LiddleL. G. D. Sanders
R. H. AdeyJ. GillJ. D. LockettW. J. M. Scotland
J. E. AndrewD. A. GingerH. R. LockhartDr W. I. D. Scott
D. W. ArthurN. C. GoddardA. LoganN. E. Sharp
F. H. AshtonM. GoodyearC. J. LoweW. K. M. Slimmings
Mrs Y. BaileyR. R. GreenfieldD. F. ManleyD. A. Smith
P. F. BauchopO. GreenwoodS. M. MansellF. Stevens
E. A. BeaulahI. D. HallH. W. MassinghamM. Stokes
J. D. D. BlaikieD. V. HarryJ. F. MckeeP. L. Stone
R. E. BootA. W. HillDr B. N. McQuadeF. B. Stubbs
Mrs A. R. BradfordB. IliffeJ. R. C. MichieG. M. Surguy
C. J. & M. P. ButlerW. JacksonC. T. MilnerR. C. Teuton
P. A. ByrneMrs D. B. JenkinsonJ. J. MooreMrs J. E. Townsend
B. E. ChamberlainG. JohnstoneH. B. MortonD. J. Waddams
E. S. ClarkJ. R. H. JonesR. F. NaishMrs J. Waldren
H. DazeleyMrs S. JordanN. ParrackA. J. Wardrop
N. C. DexterProf N. KesselK. PearceR. A. Wells
C. M. EdmundsF. P. N. LakeB. PikeJ. R. Widdowson
Mrs P. EdwardsA. LawrieH. L. RhodesM. A. L. Willey
O. M. EllisM. D. LawsJ. M. RobinsonMrs E. K. Williams
Dr J. C. FeltonC. W. LaxtonR. Rogan