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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
108 Jul 1949HACKNEY normal19


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstP. IrvingGee! Wouldn’t one have to cut without Marshal(l) Aid!i.e. hack(Ney); ref. Marshal N. and US post-war aid [see comments]
SecondP. M. NeweyOverburdened public nag “Kick out muddled Health Minister!”hack + anag. of Nye (Bevan)
ThirdD. L. TuckettFancy a drudge going to New York wanting work when it can be found in London!hack + Ne(w) Y(ork)
HCE. S. AinleyG.P.—Gee, what a kick I get over Bevan’s discomfiture!hack + anag. of Nye (Bevan); GP = General-Purpose
HCL. E. EyresIt’s sometimes wicked to use too much2 mngs.; H. Wick
HCC. E. GatesWhere a wryneck may be seen in a hedge within 3 miles of St. Paul’si.e. anag. of neck in hay2
HCH. C. HillsWe may get the old man to work when we’ve used up Marshal aid!hack + (Marshal) Ney; ref. US post-war aid; hack = used up
HCG. A. HornsbyThis horse is trotted out on all occasions2 mngs.
HCMaj R. P. C. MutterKind of horse disease treated at the London Skin ’Ospital, E.8?‘acne’; postal district of H.
HCF. E. NewloveIt’s a cut above the east end of Stepney, anyhow!hack + (Step)ney
HCA. C. NorfolkWryneck found in a hedge near Bethnal Greeni.e. anag. of neck in hay2
HCW. B. O’HanlonThe poor old hired man got a cricked neck before haymaking was finishedanag. of neck in hay
HCT. E. SandersIn London’s a wicked place for a horse2 mngs.; H. Wick
HCMiss D. W. TaylorPronounced acne, in itself, is not at all uncommoncryptic def.; ‘common’ pron. of H.
HCJ. ThomasOnce possibly a Growler, now actually a Barker2 mngs.; growler = cab; ref. actress Pearl H. married to actor Eric Barker
HCL. E. ThomasMode of transport used up north to journey’s endhack + (jour)ney
HCCapt C. TyersIn a country dance a dislocated neck is quite commonanag. in hay4
HCH. D. WakelyG.G.E.82 mngs.; gee-gee, postal district of H.
HCL. D. WakelyPart of London in which a chop is produced by Marshal aidhack + (Marshal) Ney; ref. US post-war aid

Runners-Up in competition 108:

C. Allen BakerT. E. FaberA. F. LerrigoJ. S. W. Reid
Rev L. BlackburnMaj A. H. GilesMrs B. A. MallettD. C. Shute
F. A. ClarkR. McD. GrahamC. J. MorseR. E. Stephens
F. L. ConstableS. B. GreenJ. T. NadenW. C. Tame
J. H. DingwallD. L. GregoryJ. D. P. O’LearyM. F. Thorogood
J. F. DowS. HolgateMiss E. PritchardH. S. Tribe
Maj H. B. DrakeJ. R. HomaH. RaingerJ. F. N. Wedge
T. H. EastMrs L. JarmanH. R. Reade