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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
22 Apr 1946SLEEPYHEAD normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. RileyLittle Boy Blue, who caused the sheep delayanag.
SecondJ. M. Doulton“A seedy help” inaccurately describes Wardle’s Joeanag.; ref. ‘Pickwick Papers’, Mr. Wardle’s servant
ThirdL. E. ThomasUnlikely promontory on Wake Islandcryptic def.
HCG. N. CollinsComes to delay sheep, but should have no need to count themanag.
HCH. J. ConnellAfter sleep neither you nor I in the returning day will be a sluggardsleep + he in day (rev.)
HCMrs V. CooperAstray in sheepy dale with no need to count themanag.
HCA. FentonMakes sheep delay, though he has no need to count themanag.
HCH. S. FieldenFirst of a nursery trio, the one with the L-shaped eye?anag.; ref. “Come, let’s to bed, said S.”
HCR. I. GunnCape Wrath at reveillécryptic def.; ref. Housman, ‘Reveillé’
HCC. HoopDeeply as he is involved, he is never in the toils!anag.
HCMrs L. JarmanNo wonder this teacher has dull pupils—and down come the lashes!sleepy head
HCLt R. H. LemonNot a glutton for work, deeply as he may he involved in itanag.
HCMaj D. P. M. MichaelThe pal she eyed proved to be no more than a nodding acquaintanceanag.
HCF. E. NewloveDeeply as he must be upset, his indolence is inexcusableanag.
HCJ. H. QuinceyWoolgatherer responsible for making the sheep delayanag.
HCA. RobinsPlease, Miss Lamarr, break it up! I’m tired!anag. of please Hedy; ref. H. Lamarr, film star
HCJ. V. SkinnerSurely too dull a Jekyll to please Hydeanag.
HCJ. C. W. SpringbettLearning would be a dream if there was one at his schoolcryptic def.; sleepy head
HCCapt C. Tyers, RNDelay sheep perhaps—but not for numbering, apparentlyanag.
HCW. B. WakeSheep delay for an idle fellow, but he doesn’t need themanag.
HCL. D. WakelyLazy type produced by prominent seaside resort giving up its beach for sleepBeachy Head with sleep for beach

No Runners-Up in competition 22