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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
237 Jun 1953BASTINADE normal19


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstH. S. TribeLashings of toddlers? Well, you could have abstained from itanag.; toddler = foot
SecondA. RobinsTea is distributed with the band plugging Underneath the Archesanag.
ThirdW. K. M. SlimmingsPour melted fat round a chunk of dingo, minced! Surely a cruel way of making hot dogs!a + anag. of din(go) in baste; dogs = feet, Am. slang
HCJ. W. BatesA piquant dressing for Sole à l’Orientcryptic def.; “a form of punishment in the East” in C.
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonIn short, I had an upset with Cook about the batter on the solesanag. of I’d an in baste
HCW. J. DuffinOne way of producing sore feet in a copper is to be found in well-pounded beats!in a d., all in anag.
HCBrig W. E. DuncanAsked about a street in Nether Wallop, one would describe it as hard on the feeta St in, all in bade; pun on Hants town
HCT. DwyerA dint savagely applied to cut the footanag. in base, & lit.
HCH. LyonWhen remade by you, a bed isn’t a bad form of heathen torture!anag.
HCW. M. MartinBeing ordered about like a sort of a mug makes a chap’s feet ache something cruelas tin in bade
HCG. M. NeighbourSticking a foot out of a bed isn’t a very warming thing for the sole!anag., 2 defs.; for stick vb. = cane, see OED
HCMrs A. M. OsmondFoot slogging out East? You could surely have abstained from such torture!anag.; “a form of punishment in the East” in C.
HCE. R. PrenticeA foot may be cut by it and brokenanag. in base, & lit.
HCG. W. PughIf you get one, you’re beaten; you can’t stand up to it. Often ends with a duckcryptic def.; usually bastinado
HCMaj J. N. PurdonFoot-slogging is just torture: you only need some cash and a little boosting to get into G.H.Q.tin ad in base
HCMiss D. W. TaylorEastern way of grilling a sole which takes some beatingcryptic def.; “a form of punishment in the East” in C.
HCJ. F. N. WedgeYou could have abstained from such a low-down attack!anag.
HCD. WhitfieldIf the finish were normal, you would see the ’Varsity men can row! Striking foot work, anyway!i.e. BAs tin ado = bastinado
HCI. YoungTo remake a bed isn’t a bad way of getting one’s feet warm!anag.

Runners-Up in competition 237:

E. S. AinleyC. FisherMrs L. JarmanE. J. Rackham
M. AndersonMrs N. FisherL. JohnsonG. E. Rice
J. P. AserappaJ. A. FloodW. I. N. KesselA. J. C. Saunders
C. Allen BakerM. S. Y. FowlerJ. MacIverE. O. Seymour
K. BarnesA. W. M. GauldA. W. MaddocksC. M. Sherrell
T. E. BellP. G. W. GlareT. W. MelluishMrs E. M. Simmonds
H. BernardS. GoldieD. P. M. MichaelO. Carlton Smith
J. BunnellJ. A. Maxtone GrahamE. MorganMrs A. L. Stevenson
Rev B. ChapmanS. B. GreenC. J. MorseF. B. Stubbs
W. A. CleggT. J. GuffickR. J. MunningsL. E. Thomas
R. M. S. CorkR. W. HawesR. P. C. MutterJ. S. Thompson
G. N. CoulterH. HeathA. E. NorthD. H. Tompsett
F. E. DixonH. T. E. HoneD. B. NorwoodD. L. Trout
J. DuffillJ. A. HydeJ. W. ParrH. Walsham
W. J. EmersonE. G. IllingworthS. L. PatonC. E. Williams
L. E. EyresF. G. IllingworthM. G. Powell-Davies