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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
412 Dec 1956SERVIETTE normal19


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. A. FinckenDoes Hubby not get one at the lunch table? Then you’ve set it ever so carelessly!anag. & lit.
SecondE. O. SeymourN—— discharged from Vine Street after much rumpus goes down under to cover many a lapanag. less N; ref. Nina?, police station
ThirdW. K. M. SlimmingsInside so thoroughly parched I’ve scrapped being on the wagon—may finish dinner under the table!anag. + TT, all in sere
HCC. Allen BakerIn an unconventional set, a form of tie cover used when no company is present!anag. less co. in anag., & lit.
HCMiss A. W. BaldyIt’s dry without and dry within after living in Paris, where it’s still driervie (Fr.) TT in sere; s. (Fr.) = towel
HCV. E. BrookeA model Table Mountain? Cover part in snowy stuff to make it Everest!anag.; cover = knife, fork, etc.; stuff = material; s. folded into peak
HCR. N. ChignellI’ve come to grief in blitzed street involved in mopping-up operationsanag. in anag.
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonIn very non-U circles it protects, roughly, vest, tie and a bit of the trousersanag. incl. (trous)er(s), & lit.
HCF. E. DixonI’ve got involved in a street accident: this will do to collect the bits and piecesanag. in anag.
HCT. C. FitzpatrickI get very dry—about five, that is—not touching the stuff at all: I usually have a drop or two after dinner, thoughV i.e. TT in sere
HCM. S. Y. FowlerSupported by a waiter’s arm, I find myself in Vine Street, confused with no end of ginanag. less n; ref. police station
HCC. E. GatesI’ve gone broke—in Queer Street. If you don’t give me a ring, I’ll just fold up!anag. in anag.; napkin ring
HCA. D. IzzardThis is clearly wrong as a trivet—see, it is supported by two legs only!anag.
HCC. KoopWhat a sitter Eve would make as illustration of a front cover for The Fall!anag.; ref. Camus novel
HCA. D. LeggeTest Revie made to discover a means to counteract dribblinganag., ref. Don R., footbalIer
HCC. J. MorseBrought in to help diners, it conceals the outline of the embonpoint!e,t in it in serve, & lit.
HCDr W. D. OliverIf one has to contend with an abstainer in dry surroundings, one can at least put this to one’s lipsvie TT in sere
HCH. R. PerkinsAfter life in the lycée on the wagon in totally dry surroundings, I soak up every drop I canvie (Fr.) TT in sere
HCL. E. ThomasGives sign of hesitation to compete in unusual test and doesn’t cover lap in fast timeer vie in anag.; fast3

Runners-Up in competition 412:

F. D. H. AtkinsonJ. B. GrubbR. PostillH. G. Tattersall
A. J. BarnardMiss D. HillMaj J. N. PurdonMiss D. W. Taylor
C. O. ButcherC. H. HudsonG. H. RavenorM. A. Vernon
R. F. S. ChignellC. J. LoweN. J. ReedJ. F. N. Wedge
E. F. ClaytonH. LyonRev E. G. RileyR. A. Wells
P. M. CoombsMrs E. McFeeA. RobinsC. E. Williams
C. R. DeanI. McGiveringW. RodgersD. M. H. Williams
L. E. EyresD. P. M. MichaelMrs E. M. SimmondsC. P. Wroth
D. I. GatfieldMiss M. J. PatrickE. B. StevensH. T. Young
E. GomersallE. G. PhillipsR. I. SutherlandL. J. Young