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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
54 Jun 1947SPONGE normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs D. D’EathHow to do the washing with half the soap gone and no pegsanags. of s(oa)p gone, no pegs
SecondH. T. R. TwyfordWhat! No pegs for Col. Chinstrap, C.B.?anag. of no pegs; ref. drunken sponger in radio comedy ‘ITMA’; C.B. = Companion of the Bath; peg = measure of drink
ThirdS. B. GreenSought by divers means to hang on, but has finally gone astrayi.e. ends in anag. of gone, 2 defs.; means, vb.
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonNaturally without issue on earthsp on Ge, & lit.; i.e. sea creature
HCC. Helme“An article of absorbing interest” (Bath Times)cryptic def.
HCA. T. HobbsHe hangs on and keeps it inside2 mngs.; i.e. hanger-on; cf. clue to supe [not explained]
HCJ. Hardie KeirColonel Chinstrap, C.B.2 mngs.; ref. drunken sponger in radio comedy ‘ITMA’; C.B. = Companion of the Bath
HCMrs D. M. KissenOpen Guineas offers chance for staying animalanag. incl. gs; horse racing; staying = immobile
HCR. C. MacfarlaneC.B., and nephew of Duke of Saxony2 mngs.; C.B. = Companion of the Bath; ref. Merchant of Venice I.2.105, “I’ll be married to a sponge”
HCC. R. MalcolmFlannel next the skin and then thisdouble mng.; flannel = blarney, i.e. prelude to a request
HCMaj D. P. M. MichaelCook’s sporting tourist?cryptic def.; ref. ‘Mr Sponge’s Sporting Tour’ by R. S. Surtees; Wm. Surtees Cook, relative of E. B. Browning; ‘Cook’s tour’
HCA. C. OkellThis parasite is literally without issue on the earthsp on Ge; i.e. sea creature
HCMiss A. M. OsmondHere’s the ops. gen. Scramble, and wipe out your objectiveanag.
HCRev E. B. PeelNot Portia’s choice for a wedding cake2 mngs.; ref. Merchant of Venice I.2.105, “I’ll be married to a sponge”; s. cake
HCT. E. SandersWhat a sucker, to get the positive and negative leads mixed in the wet accumulatoranag. of pos neg, 2 defs.; sucker = parasite
HCJ. E. Smith WrightJust the thing to give one the gen. on ops., (mopping up variety)anag. of gen ops
HCF. L. UsherNo pegs come amiss to him if freeanag. & lit.; peg = measure of drink

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